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Scrutiny of work

Discussion in 'Music' started by Nellypenell, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. Hi all again

    Wonder if u wish to share how you mark music exercise books/store written comments about performances. Our exercise books are mainly for writing notation into or information about the topic. I feel this isn't strong enough to stand up against ex books from other depts when slt carry out "scrutiny of work"

    I would love to know the process in your schools
  2. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    Isn't that where you note the nature of the subject and show examples of performances and compositions? You should not be being judged against other departments but against standards expected within your subject area.
  3. I agree crowbob but the compositions are very basic.. Ie: ABC notation with no indication of rhythm etc. each dept in school are being standardised against each other.. Getting a level 5 in Maths equals same or better expected grade in music
  4. We do this exercise every term and I do come out of it with "comments for improvement" however I have managed to drastically reduce these recently by introducing my "diary of progress".
    What LST want to see is simple. They want to see a record of the work that has been done, the marks given for this work and, most importantly, teacher's comments that will enable students to improve and make progress. We are criticised, quite rightly I think, if our comments are limited to "Well done" or "Good work". An example of a good comment may be "You have correctly used the twelve bar blues chord structure, now try adding 7ths to chord V inorder to get a really bluesy feel. Try this out with the other chords as well, what is the effect?"
    My booklets include, for each topic:
    A list of key language, which the students have matched against pre-printed definitions. Some space for notes - some of which I include but with spaces to insert key points we discuss in lessons. A proforma for students to describe what practical work they did, their own personal assessment of their work (mar out of 5 for various aspects) what level they got for it from me, and a target for improvement. I then take the folders in once a term and add my own comments in red pen.
    As well as this, on the front page is a space for them to record any instrumental grades they take and for them to note their target levels for each year up to year 9. The former is useful - if a student has instrumental grades then I make sure they are getting higher levels in class if possible - keeps the parents happy - they expect students to get higher levels if they are paying for instrumental lessons. - forgetting can be embarrasing.
    This keeps SLT very happy. Most of the work is done by the students - just once a term I go through an add comments in red pen - I can sometimes get this done in a lesson if I set them a listening test and they have their books open on the desks!
    Happy to email a booklet example of you want it.
  5. Hi,
    You appear to have done an immense amount of work and I feel bad for wanting to have a look at your resource, but I would love to have a booklet example if it is ok with you?
  6. my email is danell61@hotmail.com
  7. Thank u so much, Rockmeamadeus!
  8. cmf


    Yes please
  9. Would there be any chance of emailing it to me as well please?

  10. cmf


    Thank you Rockmeamadeus. You have thought long about how to approach and looks like you have thought of everything.
  11. I'd love to see a copy too if poss nr@hathershaw.org.uk
  12. mmmz

    mmmz New commenter

    If you wouldn't mind sharing your resources with me, I would love to see a copy.

    Thanks in advance, my email is mmmz94@yahoo.co.uk
  13. I have now edited the booklet rockmeamadeus. With ur permission I will email it to whoever wants to see it? Its generic and not topic bound
  14. skirky

    skirky New commenter

  15. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    Sounds like a great resource!
    Any chance of uploading it to the Resource section, and then letting us all know what it's called so we can find it?
  16. skirky

    skirky New commenter

    Thankyou so much...this is a terrific resource!
  17. i do something similar for my ks3 groups, but i also give space for the students to make comments too with leading questions. It's been really useful and raised the profile of AFL. The students like it too because they get their say and also see how I have justified my marking too.
  18. Most credit goes to rockmeamadeus but thank u
  19. Ffion would u be willing to share?
  20. mmmz

    mmmz New commenter

    Hi Nellypenell,
    I would be really interested to see the resource if you wouldn't mind sharing. mmmz94@yahoo.co.uk.

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