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Scripts for women on war

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Missshare, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. I am working on an ensemble piece for AQA drama GCSE on the theme of war. The plan is for all pupils to do some scripted, and some devised in the piece. I can find numerous scripts for boys on the theme of war but have really struggled to find something for girls.
    We are using extracts of Trojan Women and possibly Lysistrata. Can anyone think of anything more modern, fairly naturalistic and for an all female cast.
    Many Thanks
  2. Fear and Misery of the Third Reich by Brecht has some good scenes in it for women, my fav is the Jewish Wife (which has one male at the end but you could stop it before then)
    Also Kindertransport
  3. Lazy Bee scripts have a short play on their site called 'Adolf's girls' (you can buy it online). There are male characters but there are long stretches in which only the females are on stage so it could easily be used.

    It's about teenaged German girls in Hitler Youth, and you can read it online to see if you like it. It's definitely more modern and fairly naturalistic.

  4. Hi there

    I have a scheme of work based on 'Women War Artists' an exhibition I went to see at the imperial war museum based on female artists who record experiences of war - it sounds like this could fit in well, not so much for the scripted but definately for the devised. Let me know if you want it

  5. Have a look at 'The White Feather' and 'The Mask'. Both plays about women WW1 in Pearsons 'Ten GCSE Plays'. In 'The White Feather' a young woman gives her sweetheart a white feather to signify cowardice because he won't join the army and fight. He joins up and is killed. It's a physical theatre piece. In 'The Mask' a young man is seriously disfigured and the doctor creates a mask so that he can walk the streets 'without frightening the children'. His fiance can't face the idea of being with him; it's based on real events.
  6. In a very indirect way - what about women's scenes from Much Ado? Idea of being infatuated with soldiers, and the silly things girls do, but not exactly what you're looking for... Have you thought of exploring recent terrorism? I have great SoW for devising on Beslan Siege I could send you...
  7. 'Widows' by Ariel Dorfmann. Is intense but contemporary and good. Some press notes froma production...

    "At the riverbank of a war-torn village, a male body washes ashore. Though the face of the man is unrecognizable, all the women claim him as her own. A power-struggle ensues between the local authorities and the women demanding the right to bury their loved ones. . . .

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