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Scrapping written comments

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by rosaespanola, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. rosaespanola

    rosaespanola New commenter

    My school no longer does any written reports - we input pupils' current level and give them a number 1-4 (1 being excellent, 4 being unsatisfactory) for progress towards target, organisation, conduct & effort. That's all the parents get. It takes a massive amount of work off staff but as a teacher I often find it very difficult to decide what to give them (what if a pupil is excellent in some lessons and awful in others? What if they're well organised in terms of bringing equipment, but never do homework?) and I have my doubts about how useful it actually is. If I was a parent, I think I'd be unhappy with that and want something a bit more specific!
  2. I can understand the desire to report purely quantitatively with numbers but children's achievements and behaviour are also qualitative and therefore never fully explained by numbers (why SATS as a stand alone measurement are fundamentally flawed).
    My school produces reports that include 4 approaches: words, grades for effort, tick scales for achievement ( strong - typical - help), and teacher assessment levels for core subjects thus covering all angles.
    As a teacher this is a lot of work. As a parent I am extremely well informed.
    I think a lot of rubbish can be written in reports but I think it is possible to 'cut the ****'. There is nothing more rewarding as a parent than reading the carefully chosen words of a teacher who obviously truly knows your child.

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