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Scottish Probationer in London for Supply and hopefully an NQT position - any advice?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by annarm, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. I am a recently qualified Primary Teacher and Drama Specialist (July 10) and i decided to go about my 'probationary period' (as NQT position is called in Scotland) via the flexible route - this means that in Scotland i could work day to day supply and mark off 275 days as a probationer before full registration with the GTC in Scotland was possible. However, work for supply teachers especially probationers is so thin in the ground that i have moved back to my favourite place, London. What i really have tried to find out from the GTC and The GTCS is if the same sort of thing is possible here (i.e can i work day to day supply and still work out my Probationary period) or if i have to get a more permanent NQT position. Also, in scotland we have 5 years to make up the time, where as in England i understand you only get 16 months? If anyone can shed any light on a very confusing system ( that neither the GTC nor the GTCS have been able to shed any light on!) i would be very grateful indeed.
  2. Hi induction and probation are two separate systems. The rules for induction in England mean that only employment that lasts for at least a term in length (this does not have to be full time it can be part time work) will qualify for induction. As a NQT you can do daily supply work, but it does not count towards completing induction and you can only do this for 16 months. This time period starts from the first day that you do supply work in a school and ends 16 months later regardless of the amount of daily supply you do.
    There is no time limit for starting induction after you gain QTS or for finishing it once you have started. If you are employed part time e.g on a 0.5 contract then it would take two years to complete induction.
    Hope this makes it a bit clearer. James

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