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Scottish Government underspend £165,000,000 of the education budget

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by subman68, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. subman68

    subman68 Occasional commenter

    Scottish Government underspend £165,000,000 of the education budget.

    What would you spend it on?
    My school is now down 5 teachers from when I first joined.
    Pay rise is £10 per week
    College places down by over 130,000

    This is not meant to be about the SNP but they have been in power for 8 years now. What the hell is going on.
  2. Liviboy

    Liviboy Occasional commenter

    I fully accept that a one-year underspend is not a solid argument for more teachers, etc. as they are long-term commitments and therefore costs.

    HOWEVER, I think this money should have been distributed to schools to allow them to purchase more/newer/reliable resources, subsidise school trips where transport costs are major barriers or indeed help to modernise building portfolios.
  3. subman68

    subman68 Occasional commenter

    I object to NS shouting about the SNP being anti austerity when they are in effect keeping a nice tide sum in the bank. It is like someone going to the food bank when they have a dozen pot noodles in the cupboard at home.

    The SG are not being held accountable, the fact that we only have 1 party now in Scotland is not good for anyone.
    The ex leader still thinks he is on the star ship enterprise and he is boldly going......boldly going to get us all in the .....fill in your own adjective.
  4. Dramarama9

    Dramarama9 New commenter

    Every pupil in every Scottish classroom should have access to a computer at any one time.
  5. DaveLindsay

    DaveLindsay New commenter

    No they shouldn't.
    They should have access to good teachers
  6. inthered

    inthered Occasional commenter

    For good teachers they'll have to pay more. For now, they have us, and we can't even stand up for ourselves! (See pay rise thread)
    lescargot likes this.
  7. bigjimmy2

    bigjimmy2 Lead commenter

    £10million? A lot of money, sure. Educationally a bit of a drop in the proverbial ocean.
    £165million? An awful lot of money in anyone book. Could have made a difference even if it was spread out amongst all state schools in the country.
    And, probably most importantly, why?
  8. Potatoes005

    Potatoes005 Occasional commenter

    They underspend this because councils are forcing schools to shave as much as £500,000 off their school budgets on a school roll of 1200
  9. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    And I can't make a photocopy! I could greet!
    xxglitterfairyxx likes this.
  10. bigjimmy2

    bigjimmy2 Lead commenter

    I am greetin' the noo!
    12:15am on a Saturday morning, after a few beers, nae pals etc.
  11. lescargot

    lescargot Occasional commenter

    Over sharing Jimmy, over sharing.
  12. Potatoes005

    Potatoes005 Occasional commenter

    Poor Jimmy, nearly as sad as me getting.
  13. Yoda-

    Yoda- Lead commenter

    Education underspend?

    It will always because of Westminster.
    Let's think together how they've done it.
    Let's not take any responsibility ourselves...

    Hope you're well Alex

    Best Wishes

    Nicola x

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