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Scotland PGDE Primary 2014 Intake

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by xLanny, May 10, 2013.

  1. HI Lisa,

    I'm already thinking about my application for the 2014 start as well - being well prepared is the best way!

    I applied to the Primary PGDE at Edinburgh University last year and got to the interview stage but was unsuccessful. I requested feedback and was told that I need more experience and make sure I reflect on this in the interview next time. So, I've been trying to get more experience in schools (so far I've been with a P2 class on a weekly basis). I think it's a good idea getting experience across the whole school so that'd be perfect if you can manage that :) In terms of what else you could do, I'm not too sure. Perhaps try to get experience in more than one school? That way you can see how different schools deal with different issues, etc.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Leanne, thanks for getting back to me: well done even getting to the interview stage! I will be sure to big up my classroom experience if I get the chance. Am I right in thinking there is a group interview?

    Have you been with your P2 class long? I will have 20+ full school days come October so will hopefully have enough to stand a shot. I feel like I am pinning too much on this as it seems to be the exception to get in first time but it will be good experience of what to expect.

    Good luck to you too and keep in touch! x
  3. Hi,

    I'm also planning on applying to strathclyde this year for 2014. I was at Edinburgh university studying primary teaching and left with the ba education degree after third year as I had medical problems during my second year and felt I had missed a major bit of the semester and didnt feel confident enough going Into my final year. I have worked as a Playworker since leaving uni to gain more experience working with children from different ages and stages and also volunteer two mornings a week in a primary school. I'm also wondering if this is enough to acquire a place as I know a few people who have took the path I have and been successful getting onto the pgde primary with the ba degree. Any help or advice would be appreciated :)!
  4. From what I read on these forums I would say that you are in a pretty strong position: did you leave university in 2012?

    I think that by emphasising the difference between ages/abilities and drawing everything from your personal experiences, particularly in a classroom setting, you will be fine. You sound like you have enough to go by.

    Can anyone advise if the application is mainly comprised of the personal statement or are there other elements i.e. competency-based questions? Thanks.
  5. Hey!!

    I was able to get a place this year to start in August :) In the GTTR application there is the personal statement and also a work experience part. I think both have the same character count. THough it could be that the work experience statement is less. UWS do not use GTTR and yo uapply direct so their format is different for them you had to write seperate pieces for the relevance of your degree, and I think one other question, can't remember what it was though lol.

    Good Luck!
  6. Hi Lisa,

    I'm also looking to apply next year for my PGDE, hopefully at Edinburgh but also planning to go for Strathclyde.

    I've been working at primary school for experience between my degree semesters over the last three years. I was a tad fortunate in that I knew a couple of folk at one of my local primary schools, which has been a real help in getting experience of all different years.

    One of the things mentioned to me by almost all the teachers was to collect as much evidence of your experiences at school as possible. This is apparently really handy when (hopefully!) it gets to the interview stage. So any sports activities, projects or trips you've done or will do - keep hold of all evidence e.g. photos, lesson plans...even down to the small things like the cards the children give you at the end of the year to say how much they've enjoyed working with you. I've stashed it all away in a folder myself.

    Finally, I was also wondering about just how much experience one would need. I'd appreciate any thoughts that others who have already been successful could offer in this regard, particularly when it comes to writing your personal statement and work experience parts of the application. I was also wondering whether to use a university lecturer as my principal referee or whether to ask the primary school head I've been working under for the last few years to write it? What do you guys think?

    Thanks [​IMG]
  7. Hi Emsbeth_89 and jacen92,

    Thank you both for your advice, it's really helpful.

    I will make sure I keep everything I can!

  8. Hey folks,

    Sorry to jump on your thread here but I am also considering applying in 14/15 for the primary PGDE.

    I graduated 5 years ago so have been in full time employment since then however I am hoping to get around a week's classroom experience before applying. Unfortunately for me there is no way to get more with my work schedule! :(

    For all those who already have classroom experience...did you have to apply for disclosure scotland before doing so? I am trying to work out which disclosure to apply for but im not sure where to start! Does anybody have any tips?

  9. Hi Mr C,

    Before being able to get classroom experience you need to be PVG-checked (the newer equivalent of an Enhanced Disclosure). If you are volunteering at a school within the City of Edinburgh it is paid for you and when you meet the Head / Business Manager of the school they will be able to provide you with all the forms you need. I assume this will be the case with other local authorities but it would be worth checking once you arrange your placement.

    A wee tip for when you apply for your PVG as well: mine was taking a while so I phoned Disclosure Scotland and it came to light that my application was stuck at the stage where their system asks if you want an online account. When I spoke to the girl on the phone she was really helpful and manually put my application through, so watch out for that!

    If you have the time out with work then you could see about volunteering with Cubs/Beavers/Scouts to give you more experience of working with children? I'm in the same boat as you with work: I have found so many useful volunteeting activities but have work when most of them fall.

    Good luck!
  10. Hi everyone

    I'm also wanting to apply for the Primary PGDE starting in 2014. Like many of you I've been working for a few years. I've also been volunteering with kids at RSPB Loch Leven but have been having trouble arranging actual class experience. Does anyone have any tips on how to arrange this? I've contacted a few heads in my area (Fife) but not had any success as yet?

  11. Hi Dani,

    I emailed the generic school addresses marked FAO the head teacher of each school. I must have contacted about 10 before getting a positive response from the school I'm at now so keep trying!

    Good luck :)
  12. Hi everyone!

    Glad it's not just me who is starting to think about application for the 2014 intake. I am determined to get in this time, having been unsuccessful at the interview stage for the academic year 2011/12 at Moray House. This year i will be applying to Moray House as my first choice and Aberdeen as my second as this is where i studied my degree!

    Since my last application i have been working full time with pre-school in a partnership nursery and have also completed my SVQ CCLD level 3. The work we do with the kids is so advanced for their age group and well known in the city, so i am hoping this will count in my favour rather than be written off as nursery work! I have also managed to secure some volunteering with brownies one day a week starting from July and volunteering with the 6-11 age group at a local youth club from august. I'm hoping this will support my application as the opportunity for formal school experience is limited when you work full time! However, i am hoping to use my holidays this year to secure a 2 week school placement before interviews.

    I was ecstatic to get an interview last time and devasted when i didn't get in. On my feedback, they suggested i secure more experience in state schools - however this is easier said than done with work commitments and many schools already having a number of volunteers and assistants in place already!

    I chose not to apply last year, however a friend of mine who got in and has just finished her PGDE at Moray House, mentioned that there were a huge number of applicants last year who got in with no school experience at all and some had never even heard of curriculum for excellence! This makes me feel a bit better in terms of my knowledge and experience at interview, but also a bit mad at the same time, given i delayed applying for another year and the lengths i, and many others, have gone to to extend my experience!

    As you are still at uni (i think!) i believe you are required to use your lecturer as your first reference - unless it's changed in the past 2 years. The same applies to anyone who has graduated within 4 years of applying (which to me seemed a bit extreme, given the tutor probably doesn't ven remember you after this amount of time!) If you would rather use your primary school, contact your first choice uni directly and ask which they would suggest you use as their preference will vary. My only suggestion for applicants re:reference is ensure your referees are prepared a couple of weeks in advance and ready just to copy and paste your reference, as you can't send off your application until these are received and it is VERY frustrating!

    Good luck everyone! :)
  13. That last bit re:references was directed at jacen92 - my use of 'reply' hasn't gone very well!
  14. Lonelily_judy, thanks for your advice on references. It just seems a little weird to me that my lecturers (who barely know me outside of the lecture halls!) have to write one of the most important references I'm ever going to have. In comparison with the head teacher at the primary school I'm working at who knows me really well and probably has a lot more relevant information to write! But I'll def check that one out further.

    On your experience, it sounds really impressive to me. Plus you've got a 'back-story' to tell - shows your commitment to the job.

    I'm also applying for Moray House as first choice since I'm currently at Edinburgh University for my degree so it makes sense to continue there in my opinion if possible.
  15. Hi, just a wee note to say I totally understand where you are coming from. I'm in the same boat as you, it is totally frustrating. This will be my third year trying hopefully having gained all this experience will increase our chances. Like you I also work in a nursery class but have gained over 2 years experience working in council primary schools as a classroom/ learning assistant. It is totally frustrating when the university's ask unsuccessful applicants to gain even more experience when they are giving places away to people with no experience. Working in a school is extremely challenging and it is not untill you gain experience in schools, you realise how hard teachers work. Fingers and toes crossed we get an interview for next year. Lou :)
  16. hi all, nice to see am not the only one thinking of entry already...:)) just a bit worried about my lack of primary experience though i used to teach kids english during summers for 5 years...might that be relevant, you thnk? how many unis can you apply to? and is it done through ucas or gttr or a mixture of both? they seem to be changing the system...most confusing. :)
  17. Hi Edlux,

    Applications are now to be made via UCAS from Nov 1st. Your experience is very relevant - but how current is it? Generally speaking, universities like your experience to be within the last 3 years. Do you have an opportunity to volunteer in a local school? Or even in a brownie unit in the evenings? I am taking two weeks holiday from my full-time job to do this in preparation for my application as there is no other way of me gaining additional classroom experience!

    Through the new system you can apply to 3 universities who will all receive your application at the same time for consideration. This is a positive change as the staggered sending of applications through the previous system meant that realistically you only had one choice, however will also mean and even bigger jump in applicants for places as unis receive ALL of their applications rather than just first choices...which might impact negatively on invitation for interview.

    The good news is universities also have to consider your application, offer you an interview (if they are going to), interview you and come to their decision within 40 working days of receiving it (excluding holidays) which means hopefully the process won't be drawn out for too long. My thoughts are for an early November application, you should have been interviewed and received decisions by mid-January time, if you exclude the christmas break.

    Hope this helps and good luck :)
  18. hi lonelily_juddy,

    that is very helpful. experience is quite a while back, 1995-1999. i think i might have to do like you and take some time off and get the experience in a primary school before applying. that's good that will have at least three "real" choices of uni. so i think i will apply when i have my experience which might be end of november.

    i have also been mentoring 2 kids for 2.5 years so i guess that is quite relevant too but i need to get the primary experience in.

    which unis are you going to apply to? all very exciting... :)
  19. I hope to get in to Moray House this year, after extending my experience and having had experience of the interview process there already, but will also be applying to both Glasgow and Strathclyde. I considered applying to Aberdeen as this is where i completed my degree, but it's going to be a lot easier for me to stay as close to Edinburgh as possible financially!

    Which Universities do you intend to apply to?

    I would mention all of the experiences you mentioned in the work experience part of your form, but would stick to the mentoring and any experience you secure when reflecting on your skills for the personal statement. There are of course lots of other skills you can talk about that don't necessarily involve classroom experience but are also relevant!

    Counting down the days to November 1st now! :)
  20. i think i will apply to moray house first too. i love edinburgh. but i'm also going to apply to dundee and uni west scotland. yeh, am gonna try and take time off work if all goes well to come across and get some primary experience in.

    yeh, i cannot wait till 1 november. i thnk it closes on 15 december, at least that's what i heard, is that your understanding too?

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