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SCLY4 -Crime and Deviance

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by SamanthaW, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Hi, I am re-examining my teaching/timings and with SCLY4 as I have really struggled to fit everything in this year. In the department we start SCLY3 and 4 in the june that the yr12 come back, they do their SCLY3 exam in the jan and then take the SCLY4 in the june of their yr 13. We have plenty of lessons (I think) in comparison to other schools i have spoken to but we still ended up struggling to fit in all the content for SCLY4. I was wondering if anyone had a rough long term plan or scheme of work that they would be willing to share so I can see how others teach it.
  2. I think the new SCLY3 and SCLY4 balance is a mess. SCLY4 has so much content that I feel I'm covering points at a superficial level without time to reinforce arguments or learning. Switched the SCLY4 exam to January this year on the basis that the students could then have two attempts at the bigger paper which carries no choice of questions. It was an improvement. Better students did very well which means I can focus on helping the others for their re-sit.I'm old enough to remember the old system which gave you a wide choice of questions and topics and required students to write more essays. It allowed more depth and discussion. I think it also encouraged more challenging and stimulating lessons.

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