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SCLY3 AQA Mass Media

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by perros, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. [​IMG] I am teaching Mass Media for A2 for the first time. Really enjoyable and interesting except......I am finding the exolanation of the media models somewhat confusing - the terminology does not seem to be clear amongest the variety of sources I am using. If anyone is teaching this module could you please direct in the most sensible way?????ASAP!!! Many thanks.
  2. Hey, good to hear someone else has taken on Mass Media! Was beginning to think it was only my centre that did it.
    I generally approach the models through traditional examples:
    The idea that media has a direct link to violence - as suggested in Bandura's research - and is a widely held belief in society as seen in out watershed time. Then suggest they find examples themselves. This all of course links to the hypodermic syringe model. You can have loads of fun with this, look at the time the research was published, and you can imagine that media would have had a big influence because there weren't that many stations etc. However I digress.
    The key distinction I make is the idea of a "passive audience" and an "active audience" and how the diversification and changes in the media have led to the demise of a singular model capable of explaining media influence. There's a site that I use which has some very useful explanations and details that help illustrate the theories. Sorry if this hasn't been particularly useful!
    I also have full mark papers if you'd like some exemplars.

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