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Scly2 today

Discussion in 'Social sciences' started by kack, May 20, 2011.

  1. Hi.. Can anyone tell me what the questions were on this paper today please?
  2. fknight

    fknight New commenter

    From memory...so I hope I get these right..
    <ol>[*]What is meant by immediate gratification?[*]3 marketisation policies[*]Outline functions of the education system[*]school factors and differential achievement of all social groups[*]In context: truancy and either O.S or P.O[*]What is meant by validity?[*]Difference between sample and sampling frame[*]Two problems of documents[*]Problems of types of experiment</ol>Hope this helps. I think it was a fair paper, although mine weren't keen or expecting the 20 mark experiment question.

  3. Nice paper... Been prety lucky this Summer, lot of straightforward questions. Hope it stays that way for SCLY4!
  4. Mine loved SCLY1...best exam they'd ever done and would do it again! They were pretty happy with SCLY 2 as well. Not sure whether to take that as a good/bad omen. I agree, it was a nice paper.
  5. Hmmm not so sure SCLY2 is a nice paper after all. I think the sampling Q will trip lots of up, as will the experiments Q.

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