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Discussion in 'Primary' started by Luckyteach98, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. Luckyteach98

    Luckyteach98 New commenter

    Hi everyone,

    I have been offered a Scitt interview which requires me to teach a maths lesson to ks2 children.

    This will be 20 minutes long - does anyone have any ideas on suitable activities?

    Also, would I be required to create learning outcomes for this activity?

  2. TheOracleAtDelphi

    TheOracleAtDelphi Established commenter

    Are you actually teaching teaching it to real children or have you been asked to prepare something which would be suitable for KS2 but is being presented to adults?

    The reason I ask is that if you are delivering this to real KS2 children, you could do with some more information - is this a mixed age group class or for a particular age group as there is quite a lot of difference between something a year 3 and a year 6 could access and still provide challenge/the opportunity to show progress? If you are unable to get more detail or it is a mixed group, I personally would go for something open-ended problem solving-y as this would give you more flexibility.
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  3. Luckyteach98

    Luckyteach98 New commenter

    Thanks for the reply :)

    At the moment it just states KS2 mixed ability.

    It is to actual children with adults observing
  4. TheOracleAtDelphi

    TheOracleAtDelphi Established commenter

    Is it just me or is this incredibly unhelpful for somebody being interviewed for a trainee position?

    Lucky teach - do you mind if I ask how much school experience you currently have? If you have a lot (e.g. TA) you could probably adapt on the fly but if you don't that would probably be challenging...
  5. TheOracleAtDelphi

    TheOracleAtDelphi Established commenter

    P.S. The reason for my initial question was that for my PGCE interview we had to prepare and present something but it was to adults (the people in charge of the course and the other interviewees) and we could say that it was aimed at year X children who were at y place in their learning and I wasn't sure whether it was something similar, hence the lack of information...
  6. alicedow

    alicedow New commenter

    I completed a SCITT primary interview last year and am currently in my first placement for the course. I was given a similar brief but with no subject specifics and only stating that it would be with a group of KS2 pupils. The interview was with a group of 8 year 3 pupils. I used a mystery bag activity relating to pirates and then a mini game of selecting 3 items you would want with you as a pirate.
    As you have been told you have to teach a maths lesson I would suggest looking for any general maths games as to teach a new concept within 20 minutes would be very hard. Some sort of detective game using different puzzles to get to the answer could work. Groups of children could each be given a number problem (working out a pattern using letters relating to numbers, using a clock to work out a time using clues, using a map etc) then discuss at the end to get to the conclusion. You could use a theme, such as pirates, to makes the clues with the end goal (such as the treasure is under the big rock and they have to find it by 11 o'clock. This could be extended by asking them how to divide up the treasure between the pirates (giving access to counters) if there is time.
    My advice would be to plan an extra, short, activity in case they finish whatever activity you choose to do quite quickly and to have lots of prompts to ask them to get them involved.
    Hope this helps, search for maths games - there are lots of resources out there.

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