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SCITT Interview (secondary english)

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by missiles8, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. missiles8

    missiles8 New commenter

    I’ve been invited to a selection day in a couple of weeks and there are some things I’d love some advice on!
    1) I have to do a 5 minute presentation on something “related to the subject or curriculum” and I have no idea where to even start with picking a topic for it
    2) I have to read aloud a 300 word passage “from a text pertinent to my subject” - am I best choosing a GCSE text perhaps, or something more suited to KS3?
  2. Bouncyb22

    Bouncyb22 New commenter

    For the presentation you'd be best off looking at the national curriculum for English and seeing what themes run through it and then thinking about how you could teach them or get the students to relate to the topic etc.
    For the passage you should probably pick a text that you enjoy reading and know a lot about. I would imagine they will ask you about the different lessons you could plan around the text so knowledge of the topics and themes it covers would be beneficial. It really shouldn't matter whether it's a KS3 or KS4 text unless you have been told to pick something specific.
    Hope that helps!

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