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SCITT Birmingham Titan

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Beckylouise7988, May 2, 2011.

  1. Beckylouise7988

    Beckylouise7988 New commenter

    Hi, I have my first stage of the interview process for a Primary SCITT course tommorow. This is an hour long Numeracy and Literacy test, i was wondering if anyone has done this test or a similar one?
    I have been doing all the practice QTS tests on the TDA website, will there be anything different (or harder)than that?
    If tommorow goes well i may need advice on QTS standards as i will have to do a presentation on it and then answer questions! Im quite worried about it all -ive applied for PGCE primary to at least 4 uni's and haven't even got to an interview stage until now!
    Any help would be great, Becky
  2. Hello, only just came across this thread, how did you find the tests? Surprisingly the maths test was not as difficult as I had anticipated! Also thought the literacy test essay style question was a great way for us potential teachers to express why we have a chosen a career in teaching. So are you from Birmingham? I don't live here, but Im currently a final year student at Birmingham university. It was such a big turnout today, was not expecting that many people.
  3. Beckylouise7988

    Beckylouise7988 New commenter

    Hey, i found them a lot easier than i thought they would be! The essay style question was good but i had so much to write and would never have had time for it all!
    Im originally from Scarborough but moved to Nuneaton after i graduated Hull uni (with a 2.2 in philosophy and theology..i didnt know i wanted to be a primary school teacher when i did my degree!). What are you studying?
    I think there were 35 people! Do you have any idea how many places they have avaliable? Have you heard back from them yet? I haven't..dont know if that's a good sign or not!

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