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SCITT application- advice needed

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lottielou265, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I have applied to do the National SCITT for the Primary PGCE through Nottingham uni. My application went off by the deadline, but it was on 29th November because my tutor took ages to complete the reference!
    I am now a bit worried as I haven't heard anything from them yet. I called the GTTR and was told that they should consider my application as it was sent by the deadline, but I'm worried that I have left it too late. I also called Nottingham today but the woman who deals with the interviews is on annual leave now until the new year.
    Just wondering, has anyone else applied to the National SCITT, but left it close to the deadline- and if so, have you heard anything yet?
    On the website, it says there are still schools with availability, does anyone know if that means that Nottingham will still be interviewing people, or if they have interviewed everyone they are going to, and are waiting to allocate them to the remaining available schools. At this point, I don't mind if I have to up-sticks and move to a different part of the country for the year!
    Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello
    Im currently on the course and the good thing about the SCITT is that people didnt apply till april and still got a place the bad thing is that its first come first served so you may not get the school you want.
    The way the interviews work is that they wait for enough students to fill their interview days. When they have enough student for the next interview day they will ring you with information, you wont hear anything till then really. They will want to take up your second ref...so be prepared.
    Uni is closed till next week so dont stress to much if you dont hear for a few weeks. Hope this helps.
    If you have any other questions im around.
    Good Luck

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