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SCITT - A little disheartened...

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by CHughes50, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Hi guys
    Just an update - I got on the course! I was so shocked when I found the letter this morning in the post. I just need to have a 2-day observation in a school but pending that, all should be ok :)
    So happy - especially considering my earlier posts!
  2. Hi I have the first stage of the Titan process on Monday and wondered what sort of questions they asked you in your math and English tests?
  3. Hi, the tests really aren’t that hard. The maths were simple questions and the English we had to put the punctuation into a page of written text. Then there was a page of English punctuation words which we had to describe what they were and give an example and the last page was asking you to describe the kind of teacher you wanted to be.
    Good luck!

  4. Well done Nikki! I just had my letter to say my two-day observation went well and I am on the course for sure. They send you a pack with a health form to return. I also need to show them my GCSE certs which I didn't at my interview.
    I need to get cracking on my loan etc now. Make sure it's all ready for when I start. Role on a new career! :)
  5. Hi again,
    thanks for that. I applied on Thursday last week, and got an email inviting me to interview the next day. My interview is not till the 11th June. I have finals up until the 1st, so to be honest all I've done towards this so far is complete the skills audit form. Which was a bit of a struggle as im not entirely sure I know what they wanted to know! my last exam is on Friday, and then i will have 9 days to prepare for it so I will definately be asking questions then I think!
    What school did you go to and what was that part like?
    My biggest worry is the written test. I am dyslexic and when I write by hand im quite slow and my spelling can be poor, especially when under pressure. As a rule I type everything I possibly can as I can spell check, grammar check etc. I put that in the application though, and they still invited me so maybe it wont go to much against me. I guess I will see what the 11th brings, and thanks for the offer of help, its very good of you.
  6. Hi I was just wondering how ur placement went? Iv got mine next week and I'm a bit concerned that I still may not get in despite getting this far.
  7. Hi All,
    I passed the interview stage and have a conditional offer for secondary Chemistry
    I have to pass my degree ( i got my results today 2:2 so thats good.)
    The crb checks etc and the 2 day placement, which im doing a week on Tuesday.
    I dont live in Birmingham yet so if anyone has good ideas of where the best/convenient places to live for this course,please let me know.

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