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Scientific Eye Reproduction video

Discussion in 'Science' started by nataliesennett, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. i'm pretty sure I have a digital copy. Want to send me your address in a PM? I'll post you a disc.
  2. Scientific Eye:
  3. leftieM

    leftieM New commenter

    Any opinions on showing reproduction to a group of 15-16 year old boys?
    The SE video has a bit showing an animation of sex but I know the boys will have a field day. I have just started in this all boys school. Do children now know way more than we did before the internet? Will it be old hat to them anyway? I could always skip over the sex part......
  4. rich_hodgetts

    rich_hodgetts New commenter

    I teach in an all boys school and always show this video when I teach reporduction. Remember, as far as science goes, it is no different to teaching about how the digestive system works. Try something to get the giggles out of the way first. I like to go around the room getting them to tell me a slang word for sex to then move on to more scientific language. Both they and I learn something every time I do this!
    Above all - do not skip over the sex part. They will all have seen some internet **** and so its vital to give at least an insight into the fact that Biologically sex is about reproduction and that typical sexual relationships are not what is seen by the kids in ****.
  5. leftieM

    leftieM New commenter

    That is great advice. I will get the slang terms for sex, penis and vagina out of the way and then move on as po-faced as you can get.

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