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Science Year 2 plants

Discussion in 'Primary' started by primary2009, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. primary2009

    primary2009 New commenter

    I have an observation next week in year two teaching science. We are currently looking at plants. And have already completed a comparative test to see which conditions a plant grows best.

    For the lesson I was thinking at looking at the function of each plant part. Then an investigation to find out can plants grow without soil? The children to use materials (to replace soil) such as kitchen paper, foil, cotton wool and sand. I’m hoping they will then use what they have learnt about plants to predict if the plant will grow in the material.

    Any thoughts? Was also thinking of supplying a bank of questions to keep them focused and to help with predictions.

    Also I was trying to think of s scenario to introduce it. Was thinking the garden centre has asked us to investigate, but that’s as far as I got. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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