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Science textbooks for KS3, which is the best?

Discussion in 'Science' started by sideshow, May 28, 2011.

  1. Exploring Science.
  2. gregodowd

    gregodowd New commenter

    Exploring Science text books (especially Interactive) are good and their support materials are also good. Be wary though that the leveling on the end of topic tests is somewhat dodgy.
  3. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Interactive Exploring Science, but agree the test llevels can be dodge.
  4. I'd go either Exploring Science or Go! Science. Stay clear of WIKID [​IMG]
  5. Another vote for Exploring Science, FWIW!

  6. If they are ESL learners the one thing to consider is the reading age of the books. Most science text books have a reading age above chronological age for the year groups they are aimed at. I did some research into the W/S associated with most of the KS3 books and found they could have RA of "Adult" . Whilst not condemming any particular text books, the associated materials can be really tough for any kid.
  7. I'd avoid Go!Science like the plague. The textbooks are very content light, activities can be completely inaccessible for lower ability students end of unit tests are ludicrous - If you use the online system it gives incredibly inflated levels then the paper tests seriously under level - leads to some interesting data.

    I personally like Catalyst but I've taught with Exploring Science too and I remember them being pretty decent.
  8. Cornholio

    Cornholio New commenter

    Agree with AlexOBrien100% about Go!Science. Bloody useless [​IMG]
  9. Exploring Science- levels are weird though.
  10. Volderama

    Volderama New commenter

    Go! Science is rubbish but the LiveText resources that accompany it aren't bad

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