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Science teachers- advice needed

Discussion in 'Science' started by Janey214, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Janey214

    Janey214 New commenter

    Hi there,

    I am a trainee secondary Biology teacher and I am looking for advice from any science teachers out there. When you started teaching the curriculum how did you manage the workload of learning the material you would teach in each of your lessons and planning your lessons at the same time? I have had to freeze my PGCE studies to allow for time to revise the curriculum. It was becoming unmanageable trying to learn the material I would teach and plan the lessons at the same time. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    I was fortunate to have studied all 3 sciences to A level so I had a good background in all 3. I did have to spend time on refreshing my Physics knowledge and, having attempted a couple of GCSE papers, was able to focus on the topics I understood the least.

    That said, do not expect complete understanding until you have taught a topic a couple of times. Being able to recall facts is very different to truely understanding the concepts. Even now, after teaching for 19 years, there are still topics I am not 100% on (motors and generators).

    I would suggest that you need to link your learning to your planning. Do not worry about topics that you are not teaching this year but do read ahead in whatever scheme your school uses. Holiday time is also a good time to start identifying weaknesses and reading up on them. Use Youtube as there are lots of useful videos to help from KS3 to A level whilst CGP revision guides are also invaluable. Also, do not be afraid to ask colleagues to explain concepts to you.
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  3. smartledore123

    smartledore123 New commenter

    Hi, ScienceGuy. Are you delivering Edexcel by any chance? I have come back on TES after such a time, and simply cannot find my way around this new site!
  4. Janey214

    Janey214 New commenter

    Thanks for the advice Science Guy! I look forward to learning process, at the moment its a bit daunting but I know its a process that will take time. Hopefully with experience the load will be a bit more manageable when it comes to the curriculum.
  5. rachel_g41

    rachel_g41 Established commenter

    Janey, it IS daunting, the PGCE year can be overwhelming, but in my experience it was the worst year I ever had in teaching. Next year you will already have some familiarity with the course content, you won't be having to deal with the other PGCE paperwork and you'll be getting lesson planning down to something rather more concise than is demanded for an observation or for your college file.

    There were moments during my PGCE when I wanted to give it all up - but I love teaching now. Stick with it, it's worth it. It does get easier.
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  6. Janey214

    Janey214 New commenter

    Hi Rachel, Thanks for the encouragement! Its good to know its not just me that's been struggling : ) a lot of people don't like to admit it. Its nice to hear stories from experienced teachers.
  7. AvaPerez

    AvaPerez New commenter

    Besides the usual curriculum, it is interesting for children , use their devices for learning. I noticed, when the teacher offered children some unusual tasks to check knowledge, their interest grows up. Try something unusual.
  8. Futureleader

    Futureleader Occasional commenter

    Just stay one page ahead of them in the text book. It all becomes easier and quicker with time. It seems unmanageable at first. They you realise that many parts are actually unmanageable - so you ignore everything else except for focussing on high quality lessons and ensuring that the students are getting good quality science teaching. Realise that your moral obligation is to teach the students good science and focus on this. Everything else can go on the back burner or be ignored. You can manage to be a good science teacher. Ignore all the less relevant bits that are unmanageable.
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  9. Futureleader

    Futureleader Occasional commenter

    PGCE and NQT only last for 1 year each. It does get a little easier. Never easy - but manageable(just) as a job.

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