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Science Resources

Discussion in 'Science' started by turtlewax, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Hello Science has anyone brought any resources off ebay? There is a couple that seem like they may be worthwhile and only £7/£8. Worth a buy?
  2. Hello Science has anyone brought any resources off ebay? There is a couple that seem like they may be worthwhile and only £7/£8. Worth a buy?

  3. It may depend on how worried you are about the law!
    I purchased a disc of resources which consisted of every Boardworks, Pearsons, Heinemanns, etc etc whiteboard software for £5. Having written computer software myself, I was very concerned about this theft and breach of copyright.
    I refused to use the disc and wrote to the companies involved. Most never bothered to reply but one suggested that I ask the vendor for my money back.
  4. You get a very mixed bag on eBay. Some small educational resource companies actually use eBay to sell their own in-house software, some people sell second hand software hey no longer use (it is still illegal if they havenot uninstalled it first though), and there is a very large number of people selling illegal copies of pirated software (if they can be bothered to send you a working disk when they take your money).
    It may only cost the pirate a £1 or so to make the disk and everything else is profit for a criminal as they don't need to pay a whole team of people to make the software! You sometimes find that these people end up making more money than the big software houses!
    It is not only a question of legality though, it is also a question of morals. Many ordinary, averagely paid (or even low paid) people are employed by the big educational software organisations and they are the ones who loose their jobs when people don't but the official copies of the software.
    You also sometimes find that the official version of the software is not a great deal more that the pirate version and you also get support.
    Good luck to anyone who thinks they will get a refund if they find that the software they buy is a pirate copy. If the criminals involved are prepared to steal from the software companies, they will steal from you as well.

  5. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    Teachers are the most photocopy-happy, copyright-breaking bunch I've ever come across, why should they care about software copyright more than any other? Playing that DVD you bought for a few quid is illegal as you have a public audience for instance, how many people care?
    Educational software has to be one of the most over-priced commodities there is and it's getting worse. 5 years ago we bought science sotfware from AQA to support our course, it cost about £600 (far too much I think as most of it was recycled from stuff made for their textbooks), the current version costs £720, but this is for an annual online licence.
    I find it hard to feel any sympathy.
    Sorry - don't believe this for a minute.
  6. Does anybody have boardworks. My first year teaching science next year and it would be a great help!!!!!
  7. I think this website has it http://www.boardworks.co.uk/

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