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Science resources for loan?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by appleadey, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. appleadey

    appleadey New commenter

    Hi fellow teachers...

    Teaching KS3 pupils at a KS2 level. Limited resources and limited budget! Looking for Science resources that are 'free' to loan. Is this even a thing? If so, can anyone point me in the right direction? Based in Liverpool.

  2. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    We borrow bits from local secondary schools.
  3. bonxie

    bonxie Senior commenter

    Although your pupils are not their target age group, it would be worth getting in touch with the Primary Science Teaching Trust. They are very helpful and might be able to point you in the direction of organisations which will loan equipment or help with funding to buy some. https://pstt.org.uk/
  4. Stiltskin

    Stiltskin Star commenter

    Find your local stem hub leader for the rRoyal academy of engineers. They should be able to source you some stem boxes. Previous ones are on the website https://www.raeng.org.uk/education/schools/teaching-and-learning-resources/curriculum-resources
    The idea is to teach relevant learning with cheap resources. Almost everything is stuff you should have in the school already or is cheap to get.

    Check out your STEMnet hub for free resources and companies who may be able to help

    Also talk to Liverpool and edge hill universities. They may have relevant outreach activities you could use. Liverpool do fun maths boxes which isn't science but may be useful.

    Finally check local museums etc. I know places down south have lending boxes for schools who can't visit like The tate, science museum in London, Marwell zoo.
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  5. gerdmuller

    gerdmuller New commenter

    Royal Microscopy Society lend boxes of high quality microscopes and accessories, but there's quite a waiting list.

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