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Science PGCE Fieldwork at Institute of Education

Discussion in 'Science' started by buntlemania, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Hello, I will be starting my PGCE Science at IOE. I'm concerned about being trained to teach field work activities for Biology. I have no experience in teaching practicals outside the classroom, will I be trained? Or should I find a course that will teach me how to teach practicals outside he classroom.
  2. hammyr

    hammyr New commenter

    Firstly don't panic - You wont be expected to do anything on your own until you are ready.
    Secondly, ask the course provider how they have managed it in the past, as you may have missed something.
    Thirdly, you will grow in confidence and be able to do this with time, even with no experience. Ask other teachers in your school if you can accompany them when they do it, observe ask questions and try things out.

  3. I did my PGCE there three years ago and we were given plenty of opportunities to improve our skills in this area. We were told about FSC courses, a few people on the course went on these in the time between the end of the PGCE and start of their jobs (late June/early July). We had lectures about learning outside the classroom so you will get training early on, and at the end of the course we spent a couple of weeks in Kew and The Science Museum planning and working with school groups. It was a tough course at times, there are high expectations, but I feel it prepared me pretty well for the NQT year, and it was a lot of fun. Take advantage of any opportunities for extra training that you can (that you feel is relevant for you of course). Good luck!

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