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Science investigations for Y5 Keeping Healthy

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tayla, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Hi
    Just got a new school, new class y5, 37 chn, quite able, no sen, no support, not a lot of space. I am teaching Keeping Healthy in Autumn and am trying to make it practical and investigation based. Apart from measuring pulse, some exercise activities and making a fruit salad with a high level of vitamin c (which I was really pleased about (how sad!)), I am really struggling to think of investigative tasks for chn to do independently. Any creative scientific people out there with fanatastic ideas willing to share. I will be forever indebted. Thanks in advance
  2. johndeere

    johndeere New commenter

    Am wondering if you'd be allowed to dissect sheep hearts?
  3. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    Not really investigation but a cool observation is the effect that different drinks have on teeth (or egg shell really as is better for health and safety reasons. Left in clear containers of drinks it is quite easy to see which ones soften or even remove the egg shell. it is particularly cool/gross to leave the one in vinegar long enough for the entire shell to dissolve and to be left with the inner sac which you can handle (gently) and see the contents within. However - don't do what I did and allow the children to handle it over carpet. My hubby did this at home and my daughter dropped it on my carpet.
    Other good skills that I have covered in this topic before are...
    Looking for the science in articles about food. Fact/opinion/evidence.
    Choosing a claim to research e.g. Do all children eat 5 a day? or More than half of children walk to school... and getting the class to decide on their questions, their sample to question and then to do the research and present their findings in a table, on a suitable graph and to draw conclusions from their findings.
    The last two suggestions are from the old ACCAC or new CRIPSAT materials. If you PM me your email address I can forward you the CRIPSAT 'Healthy Living' booklet which has a few other activities like computer netiquette and food diaries etc too.

    PS How the HECK did you manage to land a group of 37 kids (obviously not Wales as we aren't allowed more than 30 in a class) with NO SEN???
  4. Thanks for ideas. Not sure if class of 37 with no sen is a good or bad thing. Not taught more than 29 before and they were y1 with lots of space
  5. Hello, I've just seen this, any chance I can have a copy of the booklet for healthy eating?

    Zoe x

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