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science intervention at KS4

Discussion in 'Science' started by noosh, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Hi

    I have a year group of year 10 students who are quite dissaffected and not achieving what they need to be achieving (according to FFT). I am trying to find any other ideas/strageties that have been effective for improving the attainment of students other than the usual ideas like thinking skills, exam technique, revision classes etc.
    Cheers for the help in advance,
  2. I have a similar class - they also have very low self esteem, so this was my starting point: we drew up two contracts - one for me in which i promised to include variety in my teaching, to set one non-written hwk per week (we have 2 hwks per week) and to implement a reward system. They agreed to co-operate, do their homework and to believe they can. We each signed our contracts and I displayed them prominently at the front of the room. The reward system includes postcards home for good pieces of work or contribution to lessons and the earning of raffle tickets. These go into a half termly prize draw- prizes have included a selection box and a flake easter egg - each of which cost £1! Lessons are planned to include activities such as practical, story-boarding,card sorts etc as well as some written content. In a double period (2 x 50 minutes) we also have a motivational break where I play a youtube clip (try Steve Bradbury, last man standing - or 40 motivational quotes) - we have a brief discussion about the clip and why I have shown it.
    Scaffolding is really important - I have a list of key words for each lesson and we tick these off as we meet them in the lesson - I explain that these are the scientific terms they need to use in the 6 mark extended writing questions. I give lots of positive feedback - trying to focus on the effort students have put in - 'that was a really difficult topic, you have worked hard to understand it'....
    Today - we reflected on the module we have just finished - their suggestions for the next one include - changing the seating plan - they want to sit where they won't be distracted so i asked them to move to positions where they felt they could work and I have recorded the plan (giving ownership is vital). They also asked for guided revision in class.
    Hope this helps
  3. Thanks , I will try some of these ideas especially the contract idea.

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