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Science grade boundaries analysis for 2018

Discussion in 'Science' started by isaac-moore, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. isaac-moore

    isaac-moore New commenter

    We expect grade boundary changes in science in 2018 will be similar to grade boundary changes in Maths in 2017. In Maths in 2017, grade 4 was equivalent to the average of grade D in the previous 3 years. The grade boundaries for grade 4 in the table for 2016 and 2017 correspond to grade D raw marks in science in 2016 and 2017. We have therefore made the projections for 2018 using these percentages and lessons from Maths in 2017. We have checked and compared these with grade boundaries from many schools and they fit. Analysis by AQA of over 100, 000 students who took their combined science mocks show that these grade boundaries may be harsh but we continue to use them.

    This analysis focuses on grade 4 and 5 only and although it was done using EDEXCEL, this can be extended to AQA:
    Subject 2016 2017 2018

    Chemistry H; Grade D;32%, grade C;47% H; Grade D;32%, grade C;46% H; Grade 4;32%, grade 5;46%
    F; grade D;38%, grade C; 49% F; grade D;39%, grade C; 50%" F; grade 4;39%,grade 5; 50%

    Physics H; Grade D;32%, grade C;44% H; Grade D;34%, grade C;46% H; Grade 4;33%, grade 5;45%
    F; grade D;44%, grade C; 55%" F; grade D;46%, grade C; 56% F; grade 4;45%, grade 5; 56%

    Biology H; grade D;30%, grade C;44% H; Grade 4;36%, grade 5;47% H; grade 4; 33%, grade 5;45%
    F; grade D;41%, grade C; 51% F; grade 4;42%, grade 5; 52%" F; grade 4; 41%, grade 5; 51%

    Combined science H; grade D; 26%, grade C;42% H; grade D; 31%, grade C;44% H; grade 4; 30%, grade 5;40%

    F; grade D; 41%, grade C; 52% F; grade D; 42%, grade C; 53% F; grade 4; 40%, grade 5;50%

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