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Science education visit to do with "changing state" or "gases"

Discussion in 'Primary' started by polly2, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    Hi, I am really struggling and wondered whether anyone could help me. May I apologise in advance for any spelling errors - I am typing on my Mum's computer and some of the keys seem to be sticking. Anyway, we are going to be learning about "gases" and "changing state". I have looked into Eureka and Magna but neither seem relevant. I am in the north of the UK about an hour from Leeds, two hours Manchester, 90 minutes Sheffield. I really wouldn't want to travel much longer than this - does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I'm in Yorkshire- Magna is really good for the unit. Upstairs is a whole section on air- you can bend it to suit the teaching objectives. The STAR centre in Keighley is really good for when you do the space unit- I would highly recommend it!
  3. imc


    Was going tosuggest Magna near Sheffield but someone got there first
  4. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    Thank you, I will take a look.

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