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Science curriculum time and delivery

Discussion in 'Science' started by emmalianne, May 3, 2019.

  1. emmalianne

    emmalianne New commenter

    Hi All. I am after some advice. I am moving to a school that delivers Science as 4 x 1 hour lessons. Are there any schools that separate 4 hours into each Science and how does this work? I don't feel that 1 hour for each Science per week would be enough but perhaps 2 hours of each science on a rotation might work. Anybody got any advice or feedback on what has/hasn't work in terms of rotations and specialist teaching instead of one class per teacher system. Thanks!
  2. averagedan

    averagedan Occasional commenter

    That's what we get for double science and it's really tight, we teach each science on rotation so you have a half-term learning Bio/Chem, one learning Chem/Phy and one learning Phy/Bio and then we repeat the process again and again..... You might find that AQA Synergy meets your needs more fully, it's designed for just this situation.
  3. hephelumps

    hephelumps New commenter

    We also have 4 hours a week and do rotations. Roughly 45 lessons for each subject in year 10 and work out at about 38 lessons in year 11.
  4. emmalianne

    emmalianne New commenter

    What do your rotations look like? And do you teach subject specialism or one teacher per class for the whole year?
  5. emmalianne

    emmalianne New commenter

    What are your thoughts on synergy? Have you taught synergy or do you run with trilogy?

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