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Science Cupboard Inventory

Discussion in 'Primary' started by mamfy, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Pweeeaaasseee would someone like to save me a massive job and email me a copy of their science inventory?

    I'm taking over Science in Sept and want to make sure that we're fully stocked with practical investigation resources for each module of science throughout KS2, but as NQT + 1 i'm a little unsure of what to make sure we have.

    I've checked the Internet but cannot find anything useful - can anyone here help?
  2. NQT + 1? what does that mean?
  3. Was an NQT last year, in my first year of 'proper' teaching! So still need a bit of help, particularly with resources :)
  4. bump! I am interested in this too!
  5. Thought you might mean it like that - I didnt have a very good experience in NQT year so I was glad to get rid of the NQT label :)
  6. I have a copy of a resource list from my science advisor as to what is recommended for each area of science, is that what you want if so I'll try and find it on my computer.
  7. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

    will send you what I have...
  8. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    Love you guys x
  9. I think the CLEAPS pdf for science co-ordiantors has something at the back of it, if not they have produced some resource labels that migh help you.
  10. Mamfy you should have mail
  11. hi please could i have a list too .Just taken over science and from ks1 so not sure of all thats needed. Thanks

  12. Hi, just learned that I've got to babysit science for a while, could you send me a list

  13. You should have mail
  14. I know this thread it old but i am in the exact same position as the original poster! Do you happen to still have this list available? If so i would REAAALLLLLYYY appreciate it if you could email it to me? kezza_boo@hotmail.com
    Thank you anyway!

  15. Could I be so bold as to also ask for a copy as I have been handed the Science co-ordinator role too.
    Many thanks
    keepsmilin37@hotmail.com [​IMG]
  16. Hello,
    Sorry to be cheeky - could I have a copy as well pleases?
    Thanks. [​IMG] <font color="#0000ff"> lessonthings1@hotmail.co.uk</font>

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