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Science Circuit Experiments help

Discussion in 'Science' started by bon_bonnie, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. bon_bonnie

    bon_bonnie New commenter

    I'm doing a unit with Year 6 on Power which includes sources and circuits. I'm wondering if any of you have ideas on what experiments or hands on activities I could do with my students? I have 30 students in my class. Thanks.
  2. bonxie

    bonxie Lead commenter

    The SSERC site is aimed at the Scottish science curriculum but the activities will be suitable for the English one:

    Second Level - I have used a range of electrical components to help to make a variety of circuits for differing purposes. I can represent my circuit using symbols and describe the transfer of energy around the circuit.

    This site from the Institute of Physics is aimed at teachers wanting to improve their science knowledge before teaching a topic. It covers what is happening in electric circuits, possible misconceptions and suitable activities for primary pupils.

    The Primary Science Teaching Trust has useful stuff too:
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  3. bon_bonnie

    bon_bonnie New commenter

    Thank you so much @bonxie You have provided some really specific resources that my team and I are looking through to help us up-skill prior to creating and teaching this unit.
    I will definitely use the circuits symbols link when teaching. Appreciate your help.

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