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Science Assessment

Discussion in 'Primary' started by teach321, Oct 28, 2015.

  1. teach321

    teach321 New commenter

    Does anyone do formal science tests (or end of topic tests), or do you just assess within the day to day lessons? We used rising stars with the old curriculum but I didn't like them due to the wording of the questions and the very specific types of questions they asked. I actually prefer assessing using questioning/quizzes and asking the children to set up investigations etc. Just wondering what others do.
  2. LPhill

    LPhill New commenter

    Also interested to find out what people do in KS1 and 2. We have Rising Stars switched on science but the assessments are not good, they don't relate well to the curriculum objectives.
  3. man501

    man501 New commenter

    Something that may help is the Teacher Assessment in Primary Science (TAPS) project materials, from Bath Spa University. The website is here: http://www.bathspa.ac.uk/schools/ed...cts/cresl-teacher-assessment-in-primary-years

    And an interactive online version of their main output, the assessment pyramid, is here http://www.pstt.org.uk/SiteDocuments/doc/taps/taps-pyramid-final.pdf

    The online PDF also includes lots of exemplification material to show what each assessment 'option' in the pyramid could look like in the classroom.
  4. henny_penny

    henny_penny New commenter

    We use testbase questions at end of topics to assess science knowledge - carefully chosen to relate to NC objectives. We assess working scientifically formatively using a representative group of pupils per class and assessing against key WS objectives for each year group.

    My current headache is assessing Y6 against the interim statements - is anyone attempting to gather evidence that pupils have achieved ALL the statements in order to justify that they are working at age related expectation?
  5. tick/star/smileyface

    tick/star/smileyface New commenter

    HI there, feeling a bit daft but i can't work out how to start a new thread! I am new to primary science leadership and wondered if anyone could let me know of any updates/latest news in the primary curriculum? Is there anything major I need to be aware of? Many thanks.
  6. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    Hello @tick/star/smileyface :)

    Go to the front page of the Primary Forum and look for the box 'Post New Thread'.

    Click on the box and you'll be taken to the Create Thread page.

    Write your thread title in the box indicated by the red arrow and your message in the box indicated by the blue arrow.


    Once you've finished click on Create Thread just underneath the box.


    Have a go! :)
  7. tick/star/smileyface

    tick/star/smileyface New commenter

    Thanks I found it just before this! I was in the wrong place - hadn't logged in since the new site! Thanks
    marlin likes this.
  8. marlin

    marlin Star commenter


    Yes - I noticed after I'd posted that you'd worked it out whilst I was typing! :D:D

    Might be useful for another poster though. :)
  9. teacherflea

    teacherflea New commenter

    I also don't know what to do regarding Y6 this year - really difficult to evidence all of the statements. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this?
  10. hairycornflake

    hairycornflake New commenter

    What is out there for the new NC? I take it testbase is old NC?
  11. henny_penny

    henny_penny New commenter

    Yes testbase questions were written against old curriculum but questions can still be used to assess what children do or don't know.

    Teacherflea, we are now using the interim framework to guide our Y6 science teaching (at least until end May) Eg this half term we are teaching a somewhat condensed unit on Light (3 weeks) and then having some revision weeks on Sound, Forces etc so that the children have an opportunity to revisit these topics and plug gaps as they crop up. Next half term will be the same - condensing the Y6 topics and revisiting earlier year-group topics using the statements to focus what we cover. Our science adviser is somewhat vague about we should tackle science assessment so as a school we have decided to try and visit as many of the topics as we can so we have a reasonably broad evidence base.
  12. goingtoofast

    goingtoofast New commenter

    Has anyone been notified yet as to whether their school will be one of the ones where some children have to take science tests? On the dates for Assessment 2016 it says schools will be notified in early spring term.

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