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Science AQA examiners

Discussion in 'Science' started by ed16rt, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. ed16rt

    ed16rt New commenter

    hi there,

    I’ve been looking for the best part of a year for an opening marking papers - but it never seems to open for science! Are they permanently full or am I missing the time of year they open?

  2. hypnotisedchicken

    hypnotisedchicken New commenter

    They used previous examiners mainly, and there were fewer than usual needed as fewer papers.
    However, one of my colleagues got taken on as a new examiner quite late in the year.
    I would contact them directly by phone or email after the summer and promote yourself in person.
    If you are told they will bear you in mind, keep checking back with them.
    Good luck!
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  3. hypnotisedchicken

    hypnotisedchicken New commenter

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  4. ed16rt

    ed16rt New commenter

    Thankyou! That’s really helpful. It does seem that they reuse their current trained examiners and there just isn’t any room. I’ll give them a call :)
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