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Science Ahhhhhhhh!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lassylou, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Mixed year group of years 3/4.
    Have lesson observation week after next and moving onto the Characteristics of Materials 3C topic. Seems just as dull as the Rocks and Soils just completing really - not really sure how I can make it a challenging and "fun" lesson ! Anyone got any ideas........... my first year with this year group and not really liking the science so far....!
    Any ideas greatly received

  2. Yep, they are two great topics aren't they!
    One idea is to have a 'silly inventions' competition, where the children work in small groups to make everyday objects out of unsuitable materials and have to explain what is going to go wrong before they test them out (e.g. water container made of paper - make sure they test it in the sink!). This is good for linking properties of materials to their everyday uses. Materials which are hard for children to classify are good for discussion and developing their reasoning, such as blue tack, jelly, custard, etc. Are they liquids or solids? Why?
    I have found that although this topic can feel a little dull to adults, children can really get into it as long as you keep it practical.
    Good luck!
  3. Yes that one has got me thinking actually - different groups designing different "things" out of completely inappropriate materials - papertowel cup etc - nice one jamcdo - cheers - will let it trickle ........
  4. Snap!
    I'm thinking previous lesson have the children to describe diff materials - could use a feely bag - actually discuss and describe material properties - children need to guess
    the observed lesson maybe to move onto the fact that knowing about the properties of materials is important and who would need to know - link in to everyday life - builders and manufactuers - you could bring in previous knowledge fromm Rocks topic that roofs wouldn't be made out of pumice etc
    Sorry all thoughts just pouring out really in no particular order - may have confused
    Like you say neither topics have the "wow" factor - well not that I have found!
  5. One thing that I remember from my own primary school, that sticks in my mind as being rather intriguing, was demonstrating the insulating properties of materials.
    We had a competition to see who could pick a material that would make an ice cube last the longest.
    I remember being stunned that a woolly jumper didn't just keep things warm, but cold as well! (I remember picking the plastic box, thinking it'd be cold inside as there wasn't anything to keep it warm =P
  6. *close parentheses*
  7. Thank you all for ideas

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