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Sciatica and off work, advice please

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by d2148j, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. d2148j

    d2148j New commenter

    I am day 3 of self-certifying. I twisted badly on Monday (my day off) but in so much pain weight ot gp on Tuesday morning who told me not to go to work for at least this week. I work 3 days a week (Tues-thurs) on a 0.5 timetable. Do I need a sick note for next week or do I have 4 more days self-certifying? Doctor is happy to do sick note and said I just need to ring up.
    I have an extra appointment to see MW on Tuesday to try for physio referral. I am also tempted by aqua natal as both gp and chiropractor have said that light exercise should be done. But this is on a Wednesday afternoon between 1-2. I work 30mintues from where I live so basically means I would need to leave at 12.30 and realistically wouldn't then go back as by the time I was out of pool and chaged it would be pointless as we finish at 3.10. But I teach all day on a Wednesday. But in afternoon teach year 7 and general studies. I hate GS but it has been put as my pm class. I think MW would write and say I should go to aquanatal. So if I was to go back to work, how receptive do you think they would be to letting me have the time off to go to aquanatal? Chances are it would mean my back stayed better and thus stayed at work to 38 weeks as planned where as at the minute there is a risk I won't be back.

    I'm 25+5 if that helps
  2. I had sciatica with my first and was referred to a physio. Despite there being a four month waiting list I was seen within the week and then weekly from there as sciatica during pregnancy is seen as an emergency as it is likely to make a natural birth difficult (obstetrician's words). There was little the physio could do so she focused on good posture when sitting and standing - i tended to push my bump out which was making it worse. If I wasn't pregnant the physio said she would have 'pummelled me' for several sessions to sort the problem out!
    It started at 14 wks and took about 3mths after having a c-section to improve. I am now 15+6 and I can feel it starting again.
    In terms of self certifying, I'm afraid I can't be much help. In the back of my mind I think you would need a docs certificate but not sure why this springs to mind.
    As for the antenatal, if a medical professional recommends a treatment, I think your school would need to allow it under their duty of care to you and your baby.
  3. You will need a doctor's note for next week as the days you don't work are still considered 'working days' so Tuesday would be your 8th sick day meaning you will need a note from this day onwards.

    Regarding the aqua natal, I'm not sure where you stand with this. I'm sure you're entitled to request the time and with a note from mw you'd definitely have more of a case, but I think it's down to the employer's discretion. Doesn't hurt to ask though...

    Good luck x

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