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Schools willing to trial a Mental Health scheme of work (Yrs9/10)

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by reallyhere, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. reallyhere

    reallyhere New commenter

    Hi all,

    I am part of a group from the University of York who have been running a project entitled ‘Mental Health in Schools (MHIS)’. This is a series of PSHE lessons and resources aimed at teaching students what Mental Health is and how to manage their own stresses and anxiety. The lessons and resources have been written by a qualified teacher and have been developed with various mental health charities, including Beat and Mind, and groups of young people who advised on the subject matters they would like to see included.

    Two schemes of work have been created – Head-Ed delivers hour long lessons and Head Ed Lite delivers content in 15 min tutorial styles sessions. Both schemes cover very similar content. The schemes have been developed to be as user friendly as possible – all paper based resources are available for class sets to be printed, teacher’s guidance is available for discussion tasks and there is a video and podcast included which contains the true stories from young people who have experienced mental health problems.

    These schemes of work have been trialled in 6 Yorkshire schools and questionnaires have been used to examine how the schemes impacted student knowledge and opinion regarding mental health. The results collected indicate a significant improvement has been made in student understanding about different mental health issues. We are therefore looking for additional schools that would be willing to deliver these lessons in order to collect results for a bigger study. Our early results suggest that such a PSHE based approach could be a realistic way of schools tackling the current mental health crisis in young people. If this is something that your school may be interested in then I would love to hear from you - a PM with your contact details would be great.
  2. debbieT1973

    debbieT1973 New commenter

  3. twinklenotes

    twinklenotes New commenter

    Interested in having a look
  4. rosiebudd1

    rosiebudd1 New commenter

  5. rosiebudd1

    rosiebudd1 New commenter

    Hello, are you still looking for schools?

  6. rosiebudd1

    rosiebudd1 New commenter

    Are you still looking for schools-if so we might be interested.

    Please pm me.
  7. petethepig

    petethepig New commenter

    really interested too
  8. madger

    madger New commenter

  9. dbn

    dbn New commenter

  10. mombourquettes

    mombourquettes New commenter

    Are you still looking for schools to trail this? My school is trying to implement something like this. Would love to hear more information.

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