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Schools Will Rock You - Motorbike needed

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by nwyllie, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone
    This is a bizarre request but; my school are putting on We Will Rock You next week and we are REALLY struggling getting a motorbike for the final scene when Scaramouche, Pop and Galileo are going to Wembley Stadium.
    Can anyone help? If we can't get a motorbike; I am totally stuck for ideas - can someone please help?
    PM me if you've got a spare motorbike kicking around.....or reply to this on the forum if you've got any other ideas.......
  2. We struggled but we ended up getting a rubbish old BMX and played it for comedy and it worked a lot better than expected! Not ideal, but if you're desperate you could maybe try that??
  3. A good helping of smoke, some physical theatre, a dash of comedy and Bob's your uncle. Let Pop play it for laughs. Worked a treat for us.

  4. Thanks guys!

    One of my colleagues knows someone who works with motorbikes so we're borrowing a real one!!!
    If all else fails; I'll take on board the advice you've offered.......
    ONE WEEK TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Errrm, if this is indoors you might have problems with health and safety (unless you just don't worry about telling them).
    We did a performance at a local theatre of a show once, I ended up borrowing a bike from a local shop (nice publicity) and rode it on-stage during the show. A 500cc Suzuki trail bike... no helmet and revving away.
    The next year the director told me they had done a show which needed a stationary bike on stage... She needed to get the tank and engine flushed, the electrics disconnected and any potential fire-risk sorted.

    One option is to rig up a normal bicycle so it looks like a motorbike (or maybe a trike), or maybe film the bike bit and project it on-stage.
  6. We're getting the tank emptied and all the health and safety aspects sorted out. All we are doing is having the stationary bike (hopefully on a stand) and the students will sit on it as it remains stationary. it will not be on the stage but on the floor level and we will get strong people to wheel the bike into the hall and back out again after the scene.
    We're also locking it away when it's not being used........I've been thinking it all through but thanks for your advice!!

  7. WWRY finished and the motorbike went down a storm!!!!! the show was amazng - apparently the best show there's been at the school!!! Whoop! Whoop! Now they're talking about next year!!! Any suggestions??????!!!!

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