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Schools to return with no social distancing

Discussion in 'News' started by PeterQuint, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. dumpty

    dumpty Star commenter

    At this stage it is just posturing, probably to see how helpful or the opposite the teacher unions are.

    There can be no doubt Boris will remove the SD rule shortly before September if the infection and death rates continue to be low or hopefully close to zero. He, we and everyone knows it is the only way to get schools re-opened fully as he has said they will.

    The government is just sparring with a union that has the bit between its teeth and which out manoeuvred the government this side of the summer break. The unions will not be allowed to do that again.
  2. Newidentity

    Newidentity New commenter

    He will also remove the shielding rules, so that grandparents can look after children again.

    I've been back into school since lockdown. We are doing the best we can, but we can't do social distancing, even at 1m with a full complement of students.

    Whilst I don't want this to happen, I will be relieved when cases spike and it becomes clear that we aren't operating "business as usual".
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  3. sidaji

    sidaji New commenter

    Do the exact opposite of what the government says is probably be a good idea. Imagine if that’s what we did for the last 4 months, we’d be in a decent position now.
  4. OG19

    OG19 New commenter

  5. bigwig1

    bigwig1 New commenter

    This could be the first of many pandemics. We need to begin to teach pupils that this could happen again and in the next pandemic the death rate could be much higher and affect all age groups. Instead of spending money on road building projects and the HS2 I would suggest that we improve school buildings. Extend overcrowded school buildings to give space for social distancing and if this is not possible build new schools. I have been in classrooms with class sizes of thirty where I have been lucky not to injure myself when moving around the room. We need corridors that give pupils a chance to move around without pushing past each other. I know of a new well built school with a huge amount of space that has been closed as the local council cannot afford to keep it open. What a waste!. Three years ago I was in a local school where I was told that there were not enough funds to clean the school every day. Its important that we teach pupils that the more we pollute the environment, destroy natural habitats and remain addicted to factory farmed meats the closer we come to the next pandemic.
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