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Schools' supply expenditure data 2009-10 available online

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by magic surf bus, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Following on from another TES thread, School spending data for the whole UK 2009-10 is now available here.
    I had most luck downloading the zipfile version.
    It's clearly aimed at those who want to establish links between school 'performance' and different spending categories.
    However, one of the categories is 'Supply Teachers', showing spending per student in each school, and national and LEA averages.
    For supply teachers it will form an interesting benchmark (and evidence source?) for comparison with the 2010-11 figures when they are released, assuming any of us are still supply teaching by then.
    However, it might not distingush between Supply staff hired as specialists and those hired as CS.
    It makes interesting reading.
  2. What about headteachers' and SMT total national expenditure??
    After all are these staff not indispensable VIPs in schools?????

  3. Spending on supply staff? Massive! I have 6 classes, had 3 supply teaches in today and also covered a half day myself as there were no other supplies available. All directly engaged, no agency and paid their full entitlement. PM me if you would like to join my very exclusive list of fantastic supply cover (West Cambridgeshire)

  4. Sorry to intrude on this thread...

    I'm a freelance journalist wanting to get in contact with magic surf bus re an article I'm writing...
    I've sent you a pm to explain...it's to do with the role of union rep in schools...
    My email is stevenhastings8@gmail.com

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