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Schools staying open Saturdays/cancelling summer holidays

Discussion in 'News' started by swishswosh, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Sally006

    Sally006 Lead commenter

    There is an absolute fixation about the “deficit”. Stop and think here. If a child has the misfortune to have distrusted education due to illness or surgery this is all taken into consideration by examination boards. So why not do that for a whole cohort? It will all be fine if we give these children fair expectations..
  2. Catgirl1964

    Catgirl1964 Senior commenter

    The deficit will have been across the entire cohort. Those that worked hard in lessons will, more than likely, work hard at home. The only result will be the ‘gap’ often discussed will be slightly bigger.
  3. WiggumUK

    WiggumUK New commenter

    I work bloody hard during the year, I have and continue to work bloody hard for my pupils during lockdown/closure - I like a lot of you give everything to my pupils. I am still teaching lessons online, using MS TEAMS... so it hasn't been a holiday for me.
    Weekends/summer and other holidays is the time when I am able to spend with MY kids!
    I will not be working weekends, holidays unless properly financially compensated, I am contracted to work 195 days a year, if they wish to renegotiate my contract then they need to speak to me and my union - no issues but it aint going to be cheap or free. I already give hours during lunchtime, after-school and holidays to help pupils. Summer is mine, weekends are mine.

    As colleagues have already said this virus has killed off this years grades, it will have an impact on next years and even possibly the year after that.
    Micheal Wilshaw has no ideas what the extras and above and beyond things teachers do, he is a Gove puppet, he was the worst thing for Ofsted, Victorian viewpoints, seeing teachers as enemies and not of people wanting to help people.... Most teachers are decent human beings who want to help students progress, enjoy learning and discover new interests and skills not data targets.
    Personally, I am relieved that this virus as hit, (do not misunderstand me, I am horrified of the death toll, I feel desperately sorry for those who have lost loved ones and have been unable to say goodbyes,- I would never wish that on my worst enemy, I also feel awful that decent hard working people are losing jobs).
    But it has allowed our young people to possibly experience life with less pressure, pressure which has been put on them for many, many years - examinations are cruel in my eyes, to regurgitate some knowledge for an hour or two does not show any understanding or skill, just the amount of things you can remember. If some young people have used this situation to have learnt how to cook a cake or developed an interest during these times, those are the life skills that matter.
    Education is not just about grades or exam scores - yes they allow you to move to places, but if that person has a dream they will achieve it no matter what. When I look back at my life, i was never the high achiever, but I set myself targets and had dreams, I made those dreams happen through dedication and hard work, not necessarily examination grades.
    I am trying to instil this into my young children, like all they have completed homework in the morning, I give them interesting projects to do when work is short, but also they have been allowed to play and explore their imaginations.
    This year, mental illness will likely increase I grant you that due to coronavirus and health worries, but it wont be through the stress of sometimes unnecessary and unfairly stacked examinations and being labelled with data says you should be this or that...

    Rant over, stay safe :)

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