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Discussion in 'Primary' started by impulce, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. WOOO!
    What will you be up to tomorrow?
  2. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    still got another day to go!!! starting to tear my hair out!!! im a tired NQT with a boisterous yr5/6 class!!!! i need the summer
  3. Oops, sorry! Hehe We got a day in leiu for the royal wedding and they tagged it onto our summer holidays.
    I will mostly be sleeping, having a bath with a book, cuddling the kitten and playing angry birds.
  4. Sleeping.... zZZZZ I'm so glad our Twilights cancel out the inset day tomorrow.
  5. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    I am going to a Crime Writer's Convention in Harrogat and am really looking forward to it.
  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

  7. Got another week to go....
  8. Absolutely Nothing! I do need a rest and after that I'll probably start making lists of all the things that I didn't have time to do at home and need doing!
    But in 10 days I am off to enjoy myself properly without thinking about school or home or anything else[​IMG]
  9. We have a SDD and my husband's at home with my 2 little darlings so I will enjoy setting up my classroom in peace and will be drinking lots of tea and listening to the radio with no interruptions from small people! Can't wait!
  10. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    still working, we finish at 1.30!
  11. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    INSET day tomorrow...all day. [​IMG] Our HT doesn't believe in twilights, annoyingly. I really wanted to open a bottle tonight, but can't if I've got to be up as usual first thing.
    Monday I'm offf to Paphos for 5 nights. The rest of the time I'd like to spend lolling about the house and garden and going for leisurely walks.
    Fostering a doggy for the summer, so that will be interesting.

    (I smiled when I used the verb 'to loll'...much under-used)
  12. Im looking forward to time in my classroom in peace too.
    Isn't it bizarre that when we are in work setting classrooms up etc (or anything else not involving the children) we dont really class it as a working day? I come home SO much more awake than normal when i've not been with children all day - even with insets, training courses etc too. Its just a different world of work completely to when we have 30 younguns draining all our energy.
  13. Still got to keep going until Wednesday! [​IMG]
  14. Me too! So between now and Wednesday we've got the summer fair and carnival, toy day, whole school visit to a museum and an inset. Between all that chaos I need to change classrooms and have a new team meeting.

    Good job I've got a nice holiday to look forward to ?
  15. The Red Heron

    The Red Heron New commenter

    The logistical tedium continues until Weds for us
  16. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Still a day to go for me,in a school which is closing down and we are watching it's demise around us. Kids will be really hyper & many of staff worried about the future.
  17. beethan31

    beethan31 New commenter

    Still got one more day! But it should be an easy one: long assembly, playing outside and a DVD. Roll on home time tomorrow - I'm finding everyone irritating!!!
  18. We're working til next weds too- and then thurs and possibly fri to sort out classrooms. I'm pregnant and literally crawling into work each day..... staff do tomorrow night too where everyone will be drunk except me!
  19. Inset day- boooo! However shouldn't be too bad & we should have time in our classrooms. After that just want to sleep and be a lazy moo & then a bit constructive!! Got loads of house sorting & banking things to sort... and the garden!
  20. Ha! My friend runs that!!! Enjoy x

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