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Schools in Sharjah

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by fhd, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. fhd


    Any help with the English school in Sharjah?
  2. fhd


    Any help with the English school in Sharjah?
  3. ^^^^^^^^

    already asked a few days ago, and got nothing! Surely someone knows something!
  4. The school is good,,been around a long time as a Junior school then recently (2 years ago) moved to a new build and extended to having a secondary section (and will have a 6th form too). Pay and conditions good but not fantastic,,in the region of 13000Dh for mainscale experienced teacher plus accommodation, annual flights etc Pupils are mostly UK and the rest the mix that you would expect in UAE. Behavoiur is great. Plesant place to work. Sharjah is the dry emirate, but a short (in theory) drive into Dubai. Many people now commute into Dubai from Sharjah as flats etc are moe affordable there. Hope that helps.
  5. I didn't know any of the Emirates were dry.

    Well, that explains why an Irish colleague of mine moved into Dubai!
  6. fhd


    thanks AD
  7. BEWARE they are regularly inspected by OFSTED!

  8. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    Post 6

    I bet they're not! They might get inspected by inspectors who are qualified to work for (or indeed do work for) OFSTED but it can't be an official OFSTED inspection as they are not allowed to inspect schools outside of the UK

    Mr Pedant
  9. They are inspected by teams of inspectors from companies who undertake OFSTED inspections in the UK. The criteria are almost identical. These schools should be inspected. There are some absolute nightmares masquerading as 'English' schools. Unless they offer the full National Curriculum, they are not properly British. No school in Sharjah does offer this.

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