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schools doing the creative curriculum

Discussion in 'Primary' started by groovyshell83, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    Hi. I am a teacher in an Enfield school where we are trying to implement the creative curriculum but are having a lot of trouble tryingt o find common ground on what it should look like eg who plans what, is it the children being creative or the teachers, what skills should be included in the curriculum eg is it the nc skills or subject specific skills. what should the planning look like etc. Any information from schools that are doing this or could offer any good advice would be great. Please let me know. Thanks

  2. groovyshell83

    groovyshell83 Occasional commenter

    surely there must be some of you???? I thought this creative curriculum was the done thing these days!
  3. Hi Groovyshell

    I have some good plans etc, mail me on monique_malone123@hotmail.com and I will send you some :)
  4. I have now worked in two schools that have used a creative / thematic curriculum. The reason I got the job at school 2 is my experience from my first school I guess.

    The best method to make it link nicely is to take some time with all teachers (INSET?) And get them to create a topic web - which units they already do that fit togeher - there are normally some - create a subject web.

    Then for those foundation subjects look at the core skill that is being taught (THis normally works best for D&T, Art, Music) and fit them into the web by adjusting the focus - e.g. This meant for us to change Talking Textiles to fit with a space theme (Actually very easy) and the pupiuls created a woven planet picture.

    Some trading between year groups took place to move history units to fit.

    We found that the scinece was near impossible to fit in every case - these where then blocked at the end or before a block of work started.

    RE - must teach agreed curriculum - I saw this both blocked and taught during PPA both worked.

    I would say you need a good start to the unit to inspire the pupils - An off time table day that launches the unit - dressing up, art, trip. something that grabs the pupils. This is the main thing they remember and link ideas that they find out to.

    End the unit with some way to link everything back together.

    Literacy make sure that fits in to the block - this is actually the easist part as most areas have some book/text links.

    The scholastic books for a topic will give some ideas - and we have plundered them for ideas in the past


    Blocks that I have seen the pupils enjoy are:-

    Dinosaurs, Archelogists, Explorers (Fits with tudors), Invaders and Settles (Romans), Myths and Legends (Greeks) Space (Year 5 science) Islands (Year1) Toys, Holidays
  5. hi, please could you send me a copy of your plans. would be very grateful.


  6. ros wilson has useful book on andrell

    chris quigley at focus education,

    have you joined the creative yahoo gp? do a search for thread on here
  7. Hi Molly is there any chance I could have a copy too?


    Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Molly Mallone,

    Could I jump on the bandwagon and ask for a copy please !!!!!

    Thank you

  9. Hi Michelle
    My school have really gone for it big time
    with the creative curriculum. We have had 2 days training from a lady
    called Nicola Powell who has formulated her own way of doing it. It is
    fab - hard work but fab!
    Her company is called 'Primary Matters'.
    She has been a teacher then an advisor for lots of years and started a
    project in underprivileged areas in the south to catch children's
    interest. Her approach is that you have an exciting topic title which
    runs for a term. You have a wow factor start to the topic and a wow
    ending - she calls them 'Stunning starts' and 'fantastic finishes'.
    Then the term's work leads through from this start in a 'learning
    journey' towards your conclusion.
    For example, this term my year
    2s have been doing 'Out of the Ashes'. We started by visiting the fire
    station and the firefighters gave us a box of unidentified ashes they'd
    'found'! We have spent the term investigating them - which led us to
    writing to a 'scientist' who keeps sending them clues about the ashes
    could be. This has led us through fire fighter training in PE, fire
    safety, great fire of london where we had a group come in for the day
    and all dressed up, Australian bush fires and now we're making
    volcanoes which we are going to explode as our finish!
    Year 3
    have done 'Land Ahoy' all about pirates. Their start was to find a
    chest outside the classroom door containing items like a cutlass, eye
    patch etc, so they made posters to advertise what they'd found and lo
    and behold a pirate turned up to claim it and invited them to apply to
    be one of his crew. So they went sailing and orienteering for the day
    to learn to be pirates. They've had a fun time and learnt loads too and
    ended with a pirate feast!
    That's just a taster - I could go on all night!
    Let me know if you want to know more,

    Jane :)
  10. Hi Janey, wow those ideas sound fabulous. The school i was working in also ise a creative curriculum and until reading your post, i thought i was doing so quite well! However, i can now see where im going wrong,...i'm guessing that your schoo, are using a storyline approach in order to make links within the curriculum? We did a topic on Lands Ahoy too, but we didnt have a story line through the topic..more like we just learned about pirates, water etc and incorporated lots of diff subjects. I would love to hear more about other topica thats year1 or year 2 in your school and how they approcah these! can u leave an email address? or can i private mail you?
  11. Just bumping this up to see if Janey spots it!

  12. Hey Janey - the ideas you are developing sound fantastic! I'm currently working in China and have been asked to look into the development of cross-curriculum teaching. Any key skills, ideas, plans etc that you would be willing to share would be a great help.

  13. If its not too late - any chance of any cross-curricular plans or ideas for Year 1 please.

  14. I have been so inspired by your post! I am supposed to be leading a change to a more creative curriculum in sept and really not too sure where to start ! Should it be skill based? All sorts of questions are buzzing through my head!!! I would be soooo grateful for any long term plans etc you could possibly share!
  15. Please could i have a copy of the plans too as i teach Year 1/2.
  16. God I was beginning to wonder if I was going loopy loo trying to remember teaching in schools with creative thinking! I was told last week that 'perhaps you would be better off in a Steiner school because there isnt room for creativity anymore here if we are to get quick results' !!! What a load of wallops! I came home, cried at my wasted years (16) and art background/EAL/early years/maths/numicon/outdoor curriculum/proudparentof nice kids/visual arts/kinaesthetic enhanced learning/makaton training/new gov initiative per year GET YOUR HEAD ROUND ANOTHER NEW WAY mentality (ranting and lost the thread now I am so angry and passionate about creativity and teaching young children).....
    .... and began to question my whole primary teaching philosophy (you know the one with phrases close to my heart like 'meaningful play' 'practical activities', thematic approach, creative thinking and planning blah blah blah)
    Please send any more details of this kind of thing (Eastbourne area I am) or I may give up and train to do something else - or have another baby.... Your note has helped me realise we have to spread the word and stick to our beliefs actually as I find this kind of planning easy and wish I could do it for others ! Thankyou - good forum subject! Anyone else want to share my frustration? Or indeed employ me in a creative capacity??? x
    Miss Ginns

  17. please can i have a copy of the plans too?? We have just been given the go ahead with creative curriculum and I cant wait!!

  18. Hi Molly
    could I have a copy of your planning too - hoping to move towards a creative curriculum in September. e-mail: sazdaniali@aol.com
    thanks in advance.
  19. Hi,
    could I have a copy of the plans too, they sound really exciting!
    Thank you

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