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Schools direct resit

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by ha_27, May 26, 2019.

  1. ha_27

    ha_27 New commenter


    I have just recently been told to leave my schools directly teacher training. I have to resit my block B placement next year. I have a few options:

    i can take a 12 month interuption of studies, resit block B this coming september-december, resit block B in Jan-March term, do the assignments and get PCE or withdraw from the course completely.

    My subject is PE and unfortunately i was kicked off the course for not showing enough subject knowledge. Even though the focus of my lesson was bowling technique, trajectory and applying the skill in a game the observer said that i did not shout for a no ball when i got each of the pupils into a game.

    I was on a cause for concern as well and i did not receive much help from mentors or other teachers in the department. My mentor didn't even sign my folder for 16 weeks during September to December. I spoke out about this and i was then treated differently.

    One of my assignments was also graded 46 percent. I sat down with one of the moderators and i changed the essay with them present. I was still not given a 50 percent pass. I was graded 48 percent upon my resubmission.

    The school i was placed at had a really high turnover of staff which was unusual.

    I need some advice on what to do next as i am really down and upset from tge outcome. I am considering taking an interuption of studies for 12 months and finding a school so that i can get into an assessment only route. However this may be difficult because finding a school and getting paid to be an unqualified member of staff is a big ask. I do not want to waste time though.

    Any advice guys?
  2. dunnocks

    dunnocks Star commenter

    no advise, just writing to wish you all the best, don't be downhearted.
  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    WOW! You have had a tough time of it.

    To be honest, if you are just below scraping a pass on a resubmitted essay, after working with a moderator, then you are unlikely to pass the theory part of your course.
    A cause for concern is a serious problem and going on to not showing subject knowledge in what, I assume, was cricket, a mainstream sport, is a worry.

    Can you talk to your tutors about what they'd recommend?
    If you were to resit, will you pass?

    PE teachers are not in short supply, so finding a school that wants an unqualified one will be tricky.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do.

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