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School Visits

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Clarys, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Just reading some other posts. Could this be why I'm not getting interviews? I'm not visiting the schools.
    I do what I can, but working as I do, then caring for my partner and our children it is getting a bit much! Let's be done with it and have jobs advertised with allotted days where you HAVE to visit the school to collect an application pack which will only be handed to you in person on a specific 'open' day! That way noone will move around the country, only those who are dedicated to the job will apply and the head won't waste the time of applicants like me who, dare I say it, have a life outside school!
    Rant over.
  2. <font size="3">I have had 4 interviews this year and not visited any of the schools prior to interview (all though thinking about it I haven&rsquo;t been offered any of these jobs...maybe where I'm going wrong?!!). I do always put a sentence in my letter explaining that I have a demanding full time job that usually requires me to stay after school (PE is not a 9-3.30 subject!) and usually distance means that I cant get there. I also always ring/email the school and talk to a deputy/head to explain and have a chat about the school. The only thing is I wish I could get to some of the schools because then if I didn&rsquo;t like the school I would know before interview and not waste a day going! </font>
  3. For the last interview I went to the job advert said visits are warmly welcomed. I was shortlisted for interview along with 2 others, neither of who had actually visited, so that didn't come into the shortlisting criteria. For my lesson, however, I felt more comfortable as I knew the equipment etc as I has seen it already. The other candidate struggled in her lesson because the layout of the hall was not as she had expected. I got the job (yay!) and feel the visit made me more confident of the area and as it is a small school the children also recognised me!
    So no you don't have to visit, but I would reccomend it to make you feel more comfortable and confident.

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