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School trips

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by goatherd, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. goatherd

    goatherd New commenter

    I have been told that I have to organise a school trip to meet standards, but not which one. I can find no mentionof it, and was wondering if my mentor is correct.
    I have been on a couple of trips, and a couple more to go; but also told that my presenece on a trip doesn't contribute to the staff pupil ratio as an NQT is not insured?

  2. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    C37(c) says Identify and use opportunities to personalise and extend learning through out-of-school contexts where possible making links between in-school learning and learning in out-of-school contexts.
    Which is about as close as I can get to school trips. But, to me, even then that doesn't require you to go on a trip since "Out of school context" is pretty broad to my mind - getting a kid to see how maths is used in a supermarket (say) is an "out of school context". I think they may be interpreting that standard a bit too rigidly.
    Many staff don't get a chance to go on trips regularly (I haven't been on one since my NQT year 3 years ago) and since the core standards are supposed to be met by all teachers all the time, there would be a lot of bad PM reviews as a result!
  3. Hopefully an NQT is insured as if not it's a slightly worrying thought that they're left with a class!
    I'm an NQT and there are 4 of us at my school; we aren't organising a trip but myself and another NQT in EYFS are completing the risk assessment for a trip to cover this standard and to cover the ones about safeguarding for this term.
    I think the standards are very much down to individual interpretation as none of them explicitly say 'organise a trip'.

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