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School Trips to Europe before July?

Discussion in 'Education news' started by aypi, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. aypi

    aypi Senior commenter

    My daughter is due to go on a school trip to Italy in June.
    What is happening with your school trips?
  2. JessicaRabbit1

    JessicaRabbit1 Senior commenter

    My son went to Disneyland Paris this Saturday just gone. It coincided with the announcement about the cancelling of gatherings over 5000. I was fully expecting it to be cancelled but they went as planned,and got back yesterday.

    Hands were washed many times and apparently DL was still packed, even in Feb in the pouring rain in the midst of Coronavirus!
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  3. moscowbore

    moscowbore Lead commenter

    Yeah, trip to Italy, computer says no.
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  4. LadyPsyche

    LadyPsyche New commenter

    Three trips in the calendar before end of summer term, first one to Spain. Waiting for foreign office advice - we'll only cancel if told to, but obviously pupils can opt out - losing any money paid.
  5. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    I wonder whether your staff planning to go will be prepared to do so if things get as bad as we're told they will? For example any with elderly relatives, or family in other 'at risk' groups? For example I know my wife would be telling me to pull out, were I scheduled to go on a trip abroad later this school year - whatever I felt about it, I'd certainly be listening to her, not the school! (I'm all for a quiet life!)
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  6. LadyPsyche

    LadyPsyche New commenter

    Interesting question. Currently staff are happy to travel. This may change. But the implications for the school if WE cancel (as opposed to the FCO imposing a ban) are huge, as insurance will not cover refunds.
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  7. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    I can see that. But - if the situation develops as many (incl. the government thinks) - and the trip collapses nearer the time, presumably both the school and parents stand to lose more as the final amounts will be paid by then (but aren't now).

    A very tricky situation - glad I don't have to navigate it!
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  8. install

    install Star commenter

    My mate's school have cancelled their trips to France and Italy. They see it as too risky. We are also looking to cancel our family Summer holiday abroad too if the virus continues to escalate.
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  9. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    We're delaying booking any trips abroad later this year, and won't go if things stay as they are or get worse.

    However we have a week booked in Spain in a few days (booked before we'd even heard of the dreaded 'C' word!), and so we think we'll be going as otherwise we lose flights + hotel (which cost over a grand in total). But if they cancel and refund us, we'll be delighted at the moment!!
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  10. kegan1811

    kegan1811 New commenter

    We are due to travel next Tuesday to France. Very uneasy about the trip both at a personal and professional level. Unfortunately it all boils down to not being able to claim the money back for parents.
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  11. moscowbore

    moscowbore Lead commenter

    It is all very well worrying about loss of money.

    What happens if the staff and students on the trip are placed in quarantine on their return?
    What if they are placed in quarantine while they are on the trip?

    Both very real possibilities in the current climate of fear.

    It is madness to take school trips to Europe, madness.
  12. kegan1811

    kegan1811 New commenter

    These are the exact questions I’ve asked the travel company, public health and our local authority and have put to parents. We have an emergency meeting with parents tonight.
  13. kegan1811

    kegan1811 New commenter

    Northern Italy on full lockdown. Big rise in number of cases in France.
  14. kegan1811

    kegan1811 New commenter

    Our trip still going ahead tomorrow.
  15. Sally006

    Sally006 Senior commenter

    Where to? This is not a sensible course of action in my opinion. Italy and Israel are in full lockdown. I imagine it is only a matter of days for Germany, Spain and France to follow. Being stuck abroad in quarantine with kids is my idea of hell.
  16. shevington

    shevington Occasional commenter

    I note one the schools just across border in another LEA has cancelled its trip to Italy this week.
  17. moscowbore

    moscowbore Lead commenter

    You really must be crazy. Have you not read the news?

    Imagine a whole school trip stuck in quarantine in a foreign country? Are you nuts?
  18. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    Based on current rates of infection and deaths, France and Germany are 9 days behind Italy, with the UK two weeks behind. It is likely that we will all go to a similar state of lockdown in that timeframe. Any overseas trip in the next couple of weeks does face the potential risk of being stuck in a foreign country for a long period of time. I certainly wouldn't be volunteering for a trip where that is a potential scenario
  19. Morninglover

    Morninglover Lead commenter

    Presumbaly kegan1811 & their party are in France now, or on their way. It would be interesting to hear how they get on!
  20. shevington

    shevington Occasional commenter

    Another school in a neighbouring Authority has just arrived back from Italy . All children and staff our now in fourteen days isolation. The only good news is the airlines have stopped flights to Italy.
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