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School trip to the Medina Valley Centre on the Isle of Wight

Discussion in 'School trips' started by joshosborn, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Come and stay at the WONDERFUL Medina Valley Centre on the Isle of Wight! We cater for KS2 all the way up to A Level groups. See our website www.medinavalleycentre.org.uk for more information and to see how our activities our tailored to the national curriculum.

    Have a look at these comments from teachers who have brought their classes to the Centre in the last couple of weeks:

    "The girls spent a great deal of the week raving about the food in between an array of fantastic activities all over the Isle of Wight. An enormous thank you to our tutor for taking us out every day and impressing us with his knowledge of wildlife and habitats."

    Lead teacher

    Look at this comment from a teacher who has not been to the Medina Valley Centre before:

    "The field course was very well organised and resourced. All the activities were well thought out, meeting National Curriculum requirements but with elements of fun! All the staff were welcoming and you all seemed to work tirelessly with a smile on your faces. We didn't really know what to expect. However the experience you have given the children has surpassed all expectations! There has been a lovely mix of adventure, education, fun and a family experience, that has made for these children away from home for the first time, a really memorable and pleasurable experience!"


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