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School thinking using APP objectives instead of NC to teach from??

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by valed, May 26, 2011.

  1. I see that as a POSITIVE thing
    And that!
    Although, you never know, I wouldn't rule out old-fashioned Teacher Assessment - that's the one where the Teacher levels / grades pupil's work / abilty / performance based on whatever method he sees fit and does not just say "she's a level 4 cos that is what the target is"
    Then, we might see this nonsensical construct disappear!
  2. I feel that we use APP to assess at the moment, so to use that as our scheme of work is just mixing them up and will give inaccurate assessment results.
    I am aware the current maths curriculum at our school does not suit our children, as it does not allow teachers to focus on the key skills children need. Hence huge gaps in knowledge by the time they get into Year 6. We need something with less objectives, but objectives that ensure have good progress and a very strong foundation of knowledge of mathematical concepts.

  3. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

    How about taking what Sara said...
    Identify in your SOW where APP exists.
    Then make the APP statements explicit and then allow some 'buffer time' to remediate when pupils don't meet assessment foci. I am developing my thoughts as I write but I think Afl is what matters. If your teaching is reactive to the students it should meet their needs better?

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