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School self-evaluation template based on the January 2012 Ofsted schedule

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by jgsearl, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. I've taken a look at the template. I'm in no position to criticise because I've not produced one! However, schools will find this template useful as a guide when deciding what grade to apply. I like the way the evaluation schedule descriptors have been broken up into sections. I would, however advise against adopting a tick box approach to summarising self evaluation.
    While we thought the SEF had gone, the framework states:

    • discontinue
      the expectation that schools complete a standard self-evaluation
      form, although inspectors will take account of any summary of
      self-evaluation evidence they present
    Then later:

    • When schools are first informed
      that they are to be inspected, they are asked to provide Ofsted with
      a summary of their self-evaluation.

    So, the SEF has been replaced with a 'summary of self-evaluation.
    It would be sensible therefore to provide a brief narrative to justify the grade and personalise it to the school saying how you meet the criteria. A tick box approach won't do it.

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  3. I completely agree with robby64 about the need to provide a prose summary. I set the template out this way to help schools to think separately about the extent to which they meet each criterion, in the way that inspectors must when deciding upon the appropriate grade for each section. The tick boxes just save on highlighter pens!
  4. I have found in a number of schools that the document is providing a useful anchor for self-evaluation. With so much improvement effort being put in across such a wide range of the school's work, it is helpful to be able to say, "So what difference has it all made?" and to have a simple method for measuring that. School's vary tremendously in how they present a summary of their self-evaluation. I too, would be interested to hear from anyone using the document as a basis for a prose summary.
  5. Just to confirm that the link had disappeared, but I have brought it back to life now.

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