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School Secretaries have too much power.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by tobychainsaw, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Last year, I had a situation where I was not allowed to go back to a school. When I spoke to the deputy head, she informed me that it shouldn't have happened and the head also claimed it wasn't his decision. It seemed that the secretary phoned the agency on her own accord and told them the school had a problem with me. As a result, the agency told me not to go back to that school.
    This isn't the only time I was told not to go back to a school because of the secretary. Has anyone else had this problem? Surely the decision to/not to allow supplies back to a school should be made by senior management and not the secretary.
  2. In my area, NW, where it is still an LEA agency, schools are not allowed to barr a teacher unless they put the reasons in writing. This came about after a significant number of supply teachers found out that they had had bad reports made about them and the request not to have them sent back to the school. Most of them hadn't even known that they had been banned. I think that it is only fair that schools explain their reasons. Of course, it doesn't stop them doing exactly what they want on the quiet. It seems that just about any unqualified person can pass judgement on supply teachers and they seem to have no qualms about reducing our earnings on the flimsiest of reasons.
  3. Unfortunately, this is the sad state that supply teaching has plummeted to. Your area seem one of the few good places left. Too bad I live in the SW.
  4. On my payslip I see to my seething surprise that I am now an Advanced Cover Supervisor not a supply TEACHER-because the agency say I will not be planning lessons or marking.I can be called a Teacher if I am doing the latter, they say.Try cover supervising Drama-(am Drama/English teacher)
    AWR evidently but can't see anything about role definition on Agency AWR info...outrageous!
    Have just written to them to tell them how long I've spent on lesson prep. today.44 years and still at it -mad or mortgage? Need to get the antique furniture I've restored over time to auction and keep away from agencies...when I get a minute.
  5. This trumped up school secretary is acting totally out of order and role! She should be <u>formally disciplined and officially warned</u> if she makes defamatory remarks on supply teachers! She is not a professionally qualified teacher and has no right to make defamatory remarks about teachers.
    Is the deputy head too weak?
  6. The "cover supervisor" role is a complete nonsense and do not accept all the intimidation/bullying nonsense from this suspect agency!
    If you are a fully qualified, fully registered teacher according to the now defunct GTCE then you ARE! No ifs or buts!
    They must change the role on the payslip as it is offensive and contravenes your rights to a professional QTS! Get CRB advice and I would enquire about industrial tribunal proceedings.
  7. It has been quite a while since a qualified teacher made the decision whether I should be called up for supply. It is usually an agency that rings you up whose 'consultant' is a marketer. They have been rung up by a bursar who does admin/accounting or a school secretary (admin).
    How long you work for is often decided by the bursar on cost grounds, aided and abetted by the head who used to be a teacher but is now in management (although many do the occasional lesson so it looks as though they are 'down in the 'hood' and are 'keeping it real').
    Sometimes a head of department gets involved, but usually to help with rearranging the timetable so the missing teacher is covered by colleagues who don't really want to so the supply teacher, made expensive by agency fees, can be jettisoned as soon as possible.
    Am I a glass half-empty sort of person? I would tell you if I could afford to buy new glasses.

  8. Interesting. Do you mind telling which agency you are with.[​IMG]
  9. Ring her up and ask her why? Or drop by and ask her to her face!
  10. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    I wouldn't recommend that, it could make it worse! I would ask the agency to clarify what the problem was.
  11. What a "secretary"?[​IMG]

  12. There is a set of guidelines in existence published by yhe WAMG which outlines what HLTAs can and cannot be expected to do. One of the things that they cannot be expected to do is to appraise teachers.


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