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School Productions?!!!!!

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by teachur, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. teachur

    teachur New commenter

    I don't do the "popular" shows and prefer to write my own. I am currently recording the music for the musical i have written that will be used for the next school show.
  2. its not just a marketing tool, the biggest (and personally) most important is the scene of belonging and community and self worth kids (and me) can get from a production that is done well.

  3. Havva look at the Greace threat below... there are loads of views on there about this subject.
  4. "Havva look at the Greace threat below"

    You a professional writer, then?

    There again, I like the idea of a threat. It's that bloody Kenickie, I'll be bound.
  5. Here here to Hedgey! My school holds the school production in the highest regard.

    I have as much funding as I need (within reason) and even though they won't fork out for decent lighting, they will pull the stops out for pretty much everything else. In fact I spoke to my Head yesterday, and I was talking about speaking to sponsors to get some extra cash flow going, and he wasn't keen, as he is happy to fund whatever we need (not want!).

    There are of course the few who slag off the performance dept. think it's a 'waste of time' etc, but then these people leave at the end of the school day, and do minimal extra. So not that bothered by their judgement!
  6. It must always be about the students first and foremost! The opportunity to work as part of a team, to work creatively and collaboratively, to take responsibility and know how much their individual contribution is worth, to see plays in action, not just as things to read in English, to build confidence, to solve problems, to have fun, to learn the meaning of really hard work, to feel the adrenaline flowing, to learn about conquering nerves, to achieve a sense of pride in work well done, - Shall I go on?

    And yes, other members staff do not always appreciate what it's all about, but occasionally someone gets it and you have to hang on to that moment. In a heated debate in my school during a staff meeting about the value of some production work we were doing I was having to defend what I was doing against the usual complaints of it taking up too much time and students not concentrating, etc., coming particularly forcefull from the Head of Science. The Head (bless her for once) said 'what do you think they will remember about school? It will always be the school productions! They are never going to remember the Chemistry tests!' That shut him up! (Well until next time)
  7. Hear, hear Dolly- and oddly enough it's science that are the chief Pharisees at my gaff too.
  8. I would love to have been there for that moment Dolly L! Excellent story!

  9. Expected to do it to keep the Governor's happy with no help or support from anyone else within the school and very little budget/resources. Other departments in the school help with other projects but not the school show. I don't care about keeping the governors happy I only do it because of the kids, but it is very hard with no support and people moaning and complaining, cleaners, caretakers, other teachers moaning about them missing a lesson despite we only get 1 day. The head suggested after last years that he'd really like it if we started doing 2 productions a year. I relatively politely told him to stick it. its a real shame because I know what it should be like but it just doesn't happen here- the head talked all the way through it last year!!!
  10. When I produce a school show the whole school community gets involved. Pupils have a feeling of self worth and show continuous committment through rehearsals.

    Other staff take responsibilty for cheorography, publicity, costume, set design, props, makeup and any other area of backstage you can think of. Staff also come and see the shows as the audience and the pupils love the fact that the staff support them. There are also financial benefit as the school show raises funds for the school.

    I still get an adrenaline rush when a show is good and everything comes together.
  11. My situation is as unlike Haggis's as you can get- much more like ladyflet's.
  12. I do feel very priviledged to work in an enviroment that supports the school production and my department. However, I have also had complaints from other teachers (usually Science and ICT) that the pupils are going to extra revision classes etc... because they are attending my rehearsals. It's not always a bed of roses, but in this job we have to take the good with the bad annd remember that it is about the pupils and the development of their skills.
  13. The School Production is probably in my top 5 reasons for teaching Drama! Clocking up a very stressful 70 hour week pales into insignificance when you see the pupils bounce off stage after thoroughly enjoying themselves even after putting in as much work, if not more than me! The professionalism, work ethic and commitment from the pupils involved never fails to amaze me! I?ve had a pupil go on stage with cotton wool up their nose whilst having a nose bleed (thankfully his mother was there so I didn?t have to make a decision about whether he could go on!) and deliver a faultless performance, and I've had pupils being sick between scenes with the audience non the wiser. I?ve covered lessons for colleagues who have taken a day off work for less! I'm also amazed by the range of pupils involved in the performances. Every year you can guarantee at least one pupil who is so quiet they are overlooked by most teachers or has real literacy issues who will stun and amaze most of the staff in the audience. I always have workshop auditions and manage to find a part for everyone. Despite these successes I do face the same pressures to chose a "popular" production such as Bugsy or Grease and the Head always makes us do a musical of some sort "as so much investment is made in the music department" It is ultimately me however who must then deal with the music teacher disappearing at 4.30pm to attend other rehearsals! I could wax lyrical for pages about the greater good of The School Production for pages but hope this helps! (P.S. how are you finding the MA I'm about to apply for the same one, how many non contact hours has it taken up roughly?)
  14. Now hang on a minute!!

    Are you actually telling me that there are schools out there where the kids WANT to do a school show? Where you've got money to buy props or costumes or ANYTHING? Where the staff REALLY help? Where the Head actually bothers to show up to watch? (even if he talks the whole way through - a talking head is better than no head at all!)

    My Goodness!! Where's the job pages??

    jimgems x
  15. well - this is my first FULL production (other being more showcases etc)

    new school (almalgamation) noeither schools did a show for 6 years - so even my year 10's have never done anything like this. An di am truely amaed at a them. yes we're doing a very famous (and popular) disney title - but the kids went wild when it was mentioned.

    I have a cast of 70 - and a backstage cast of 35.

    we have been rehearsing since christmas (for a show in july) and are already over half way. i am gobbsmacked!

    they are showing dedication - even my lead male came to rehearsal with a bucket he spewed into during scenes - although you would never know it.

    they are working as a community as two previous schools were not the best of mates. they want to stay longer than me (crikey!)

    Head is very supportive and a massive scale.

    Yes - i see the show as a financial investment - not for the school - but for the kids. The profit from this show gets ploughed into the panto - and so on. so it's more light, more pyros, more lasrs, more costumes, more this and that.

    I even have my kids doing the budgeting.

    I have always seen the show as a FULL school musical - tickets, programmes, front of house, lighting design, lighting and sound operation, hair and make-up, costumes, backstage - all done by the kids.

    if it goes wrong on the night... what do i care! I'll have great compassion in saying - the only thing i did was direct and choreograph. Everything else you see - is all the students work.

    They really do amaze me.
  16. and yet again - i apologise for my 'typing frenzie' mistakes!

    I should re-read before i post!

    Grrr - note to self! he he
  17. Wow!!

    What you describe would be my dream come true!!

    I can't even fit 20 kids on the stage, let alone behind it!!

    You're really lucky!

    jimgems x
  18. I reckon ladyflet's post sums up my experience pretty much.
  19. Well I couldn't be happier with my lot.

    I had 125 come and sign up last week, that has now increased to 135.
    Its on in Oct and already have a stage crew of 10!!
    Not including two sixth formers and a Year 11 returning once they ahve left to help.

    I agree planky - its a whole school affair.
    I will be overseeing most of the things happening - but it will be the kids doing it.

    I've had nothing but positive feedback so far and I haven't even finished casting!
    Both HT and DH are impressed with the turn out - I suppose if you think about it it's a sixth of our whole school population!!

    6 months and 1 week to go!!
  20. Well I have the lovely task this weekend of casting 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory' Is it just me or does the casting process break your heart? The production has now moved to the last week of term as they needed the hall during the original booked time for school uniform sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least we know our place now!!!! Ah well stuff 'em, at least we'll have fun and what an excuse to buy loads of chocolate (which we might just have to eat after the show!!!)

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