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School Production Ideas?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by chodgesw19, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Afternoon all - I'm hoping to get some ideas/advice from your lovely selves. Beginning to think about what to produce for the annual school musical at the end of 2010. So far, the school has seen 'Our Day Out', 'Bugsy Malone' and 'Grease'. The play would need to have a relatively big cast as we are a large, oversubscribed secondary comp. in South London/Surrey.
    Have already got 'Little Shop of Horrors' and 'West Side Story' as options but am interested in hearing about musicals that have been successful already.
    Thanking you in advance for your help!! :)
  2. Maybe have a look at 'Our House' - the madness musical?
  3. Forbidden Planet?
  4. Hello. Bouncers by John Godber is a good one. and for inner city kids you can bring in all sorts of talks about violence etc.

  5. I've done Scrooge - my adaptation; Joseph is always a crowd pleaser; Also My Fair Lady, Wizard of Oz (excellent), Bugsy too and Charlie and the chocolate factory was v good abroad but no script here. Currently working on Sound of Music.
    Dracula spectacular was also an option and I'd love to do anything goes.
    Our day out?
  6. The school's we will rock you was put on by a nearby school. They are Outstanding in teaching and learning and I know that this was a big success.

    Animal Farm has lots of characters as I know you mentioned having a large cast.

    Good luck[​IMG]
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  7. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    Are you replying to the right thread? Bouncers is not a musical. And it is only for 4 actors.
  8. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    At what point can one safely assume that the OP has lost interest?

  9. Quite possibly, haha! I'm reading it though - some good ideas! :)

    Moulin Rouge, though? Are rights available for that?

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